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By Mike Johnson on 2014-11-07 10:00:07
Did I just hear Matt Striker reference a The Beyonder from Secret Wars !!!!?!!!! Now THAT's an inside reference if I ever heard one. Made *ME* pop !

Yes. Striker made a reference to The Beyonder while discussing LU "owner" Dario Cueto as they are both personalities who create a situation to place combatants into battles. I personally loved it as well as an long-time comic book fan.

I know you guys are veteran ECW guys but are you looking forward to ECW Week at all?

Anything that showcases older pro wrestling and celebrates it, I love. I am hoping for Horsemen Week, Mid-South Week, WWE Hall of Fame week, etc. in the future. As far as ECW Week, my first thought was "This is cool" and I started tinkering with ideas we can bring to PWInsider to augment the WWE Network's content. Stay tuned!

Did the WWE actually sign Randy Orton's 18 year old cousin Jasper Orton?

There's no such person under contract to WWE.

Greatest Survivor Series team match? I like the WWE Team versus The Alliance Survivor Series 2001.

I don't know if these are the greatest but I personally always loved the Tag Team division's elimination bouts from the first two years of the Series PPV events.

When is Mick Foley's "I Am Santa" going to be released?

The film is currently doing film festivals and limited screenings. It will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray on 11/11 and can be ordered at this link.

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