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By Mike Johnson on 2014-10-27 16:50:23
We noted earlier today that a number of new WWE developmental talents started with the company this week in Florida at the Performance Center. Among those starting today were:

*Sabotino "Sabby" Piscitelli, a former NFL player. He was a second round draft pick in the 2007 NFL draft. Over the course of his NFL career, he played as a safety for the Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Bucaneers. He is 31 years old.

*Gionna Daddio, model from New Jersey, who has done modeling for Hooters. I am told Enzo Amore referred her to the company, which set her up with a tryout several months ago.

*Sunny Dhinsa, an amateur wrestler who has competed for Simon Fraser University who had tried out for the Olympics in 2012 and had been training for the 2016 games.

*Dustin Mueller, a Chicago-area bodybuilder.

*Brittney Zahra Schreiber, a model from Michigan who had trained previously at Truth Martini's school. Baron Corbin is said to have suggested her to WWE.

*Josh Woods, a former collegiate amateur wrestler for the University of Central Florida who has competed in MMA.

The WWE Performance Center tryouts were specifically looking for international talents, including those who can speak Spanish. Beyond Uhaa Nation and Puerto Rican talent Sebastian Guerra, it was all bodybuilders and athletes from outside of the wrestling realm. There were talents from as far as Russia and The Netherlands. We are told that Nation really turned a lot of heads and some of the developmental talents expected to hear he was signed.

Some of the WWE NXT talents were seen at the ROH TV taping in Lakeland, FL last week.

NXT has live events on Halloween night, Thursday 10/30 in Largo, FL and Friday 10/31 in Citrus Springs, FL. If anyone attends any of the NXT live events, we are seeking live reports. Thanks!

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