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By Mike Johnson on 2014-10-25 10:00:44
Was WWE Magazine ending production an "all of a sudden" thing or was it planned far in advance especially with print media dying ever since the advent of the internet?

It was a mixture of print media dying off and WWE deciding it was time to cut costs.

Does Freddie Prinze Jr still work for WWE? I know he left and then came back. Don't know why this is such a burning question.

Prinze still has a good relationship with WWE, but isn't currently a member of the creative team.

Now that Cesaro said what we are all feeling about Cena and Orton, how fast will he be pushed down the card below the bunny?

You never know. Vince McMahon likes people who push back against the grain, so it may be seen as a positive for him. You never know!

Is Zack Ryder released?

No, he's still under a WWE deal, but unfortunately, not used often.

In a recent Q&A you revisited the Montreal Screwjob and the Wrestling With Shadows documentary. In parts 1 and 3 of your answer you cite the "creative control" clause in Bret's contract as being violated, and thus his being the victim. My memory of that documentary is that Hart talked about having a contract granting him "reasonable creative control," I am an attorney and "reasonable" in this context makes Hart's actual control almost non-existent. That is he was given creative control, provided it was reasonable. Bret's demands that he drop the title somewhere other than a marquee pay-per-view is arguably unreasonable.

WWF's contract with Hart gave him the control to approve how he was used in the last 30 days of his run. If WWF didn't put language in there that made championship wins and losses exempt, that is not Hart's fault. Hart offered a number of alternatives to the Michaels loss, but WWF turned them down. Again, not Hart's fault.

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