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By Hiroyuki on 2014-10-12 13:29:29

Minoru Tanaka defeated Manik.

EC3 defeated Ryota Hama.

MVP defeated Kazma Sakamoto.

Samoa Joe retained the X Division Title over Low Ki and Kaz Hayashi.

Yukuke Kodama and Jiro Kuroshio beat Andy Wu and El Hijo del Pantera.

Bully Ray and Devon beat Abyss and Tommy Dreamer. After the match Team 3D brought in an New Japan Bullet Club shirt and tore it up.

Havoc beat Velvet Sky to retain the Knockouts Title.

The Great Muta and Tajiri beat James Storm and Sanada in the main event. Manik came out but Team 3D stopped him and the crowd chanted for TNA as the show ended.

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