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By Chris Palacios on 2014-10-08 08:17:40

NWA Inspire Pro Wrestling & Chikara Pro Wrestling teamed up to put on BATTLEWARS at the Marchesa Theater in Austin, TX on 10/5. Estimated 250 in attendance, which is likely a high water mark for the local Inspire Pro promotion.

"Just" Steve'O Reno def. Dasher Hatfield & mystery opponent Tadasuke in an elimination match. The mystery opponent was drawn out of a hat containing "all of the wrestlers in the world" Chikara-style. After Booker T, Sammy Guevara, and Mike Von Erich (ouch) were drawn but not available, Tadasuke made his return to Inspire Pro. Dasher pins Tadasuke with a jackhammer, and Reno pins Dasher to win the match. Reno's former tag partner attacks Reno after the match, setting up a match at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin.

NWA Wrestling Revolution All Stars (Erik Shadows, Matt Riot, Kat Green & Tony Strong) def. The New Movement (Cherry Ramones, Delilah Doom, Keith Lee & "Jiggle-O" James Johnson) w/ Chris in an 8-Person Elimination Tag Team Match ending when Shadows pinned Johnson. Johnson is working the "forced, unwilling team member" gimmick and was ridiculously over with the crowd for unknown reasons. Keith Lee and Kat Green stole the show in this match, with Lee portraying the powerful big man for the heel New Movement and Kat Green taking a huge powerbomb from Lee after delivering some impressive offense against the Movement guys. Both Lee and Kat have bright futures on Monday night TV.

Killer McKenzie w/ Ken Johnson def. The Great Depression w/ The Red Scare by disqualification after interference from The Orphans, who gave Depression a maroon t-shirt symbolizing his addition to the group. The less said about this match, the better.

"Centerfold" Matthew Palmer, "The Bionic Beast" Franco D'Angelo & "Absolute" Ricky Starks def. The Orphans (Sky de Lacrimosa, Zac Taylor & DG Taylor) in a Trios Match. Depression and Scare stood outside of the ring with the Orphans, but didn't add anything and then disappeared at some point. Palmer and Franco were over with the crowd, which helped during an otherwise pedestrian match.

"Big Daddy Yum-Yum" Byron Wilcott def. Moonshine Mantell, Jake Dirden & "Cowboy" James Claxton in the First Annual NWA Inspire Pro Hoss Bowl Challenge. Dirden is a Bruiser Brody lookalike that spent most of the match yelling at crowd members. Pretty sloppy brawl with no one standing out. After the match, Wilcott announces his respect for all of his opponents and offers to buy them all drinks at the bar.

An continuing angle between ring announcer Brandon Stroud and Lance Hoyt has Hoyt sneaking up on Stroud just before a ring entrance occurs. Hoyt pulls Stroud into the ring and goads Stroud into attempting a chop. Hoyt catches Stroud's chop and is about to do damage when Icarus enters the ring and Hoyt backs off.

"The Winged Ring Warrior" Icarus def. "Dirty" Andy Dalton w/ JT Lamotta in a Chikara Champion vs. Inspire Pro Champion Exhibition Match. Lamotta got lots of "cheap suit" heat, which distracted fans from the match and hating Dalton specifically. Dalton gets a few groans by licking his hand and boot and using it to attack Icarus.

Inspire Pro promoter Justin Bissonnette comes out to announce that Scot Summers had travel issues and would not be able to defend the World Class title against Teddy Hart. (And here I was thinking Teddy was a no-show!) Instead, Justin debuts the new Pure Prestige title belt and announces the combatants.

"Wildfire" Thomas Shire def. "That Guy" Scotty Santiago & Teddy Hart w/ Mr. Money to win the Inspire Pro Pure Prestige Championship. Signature Teddy spots and flips into the crowd, Shire "shooting" on Santiago with a strong suplex after a fan yells out "shoot on him", and a "Mr. Money" chant pre-match. (Mr. Money is Teddy's cat.) Definitely show stealer material with Teddy getting over instantly with the fans.

"The Last Hero" ACH & "The Heaviest Sumo In The Land" JoJo Bravo def. The Colony (Fire Ant & Silver Ant) after Bravo pins Fire Ant. ACH gets a "best in the world" chant in his hometown. Colony gets streamers as they are announced. Lots of Chikara comedy spots made this one a fan favorite. Bravo is still a little green and is very Paul Lauria-esque. Crowd pops huge for the Chikara wrestlers, who announce they will return.

Show is a huge success for Inspire Pro and is legitimately the first Northeastern-style indie promotion that I've seen in Texas.

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