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By Mike Johnson on 2014-09-24 15:16:05

WWE has hired Arda Ocal, a Canadian TV news broadcaster who has hosted a number of WWE-centric programs for The Score Television Network in Canada.

Ocal has a big pedigree when it comes to professional wrestling, having interviewed a number of stars over the year for various wrestling-centric radio and TV broadcasts.

Ocal also has a long history of covering a number of major WWE events as a member of the media for The Fight Network, The Baltimore Sun and other entities. As a radio broadcaster, he worked with current WWE on-air talent Renee Young as well.

Ocal had been working as a broadcaster and host for The Weather Network in Canada until last month. While Ocal officially announced his hiring today, we are told he's actually been working for WWE for a few weeks now.

Ocal has changed his name on his Twitter to "Kyle Edwards" so that will apparently be his on screen persona for WWE. What his WWE assignments will be going at first have not yet been revealed.

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