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By Mike Johnson & Phil Lions on 2014-09-24 09:22:01
After Jimmy Suzuki, who is working as their liaison with TNA met with John Gaburick and other TNA officials yesterday in Nashville, TN, WRESTLE-1 posted a Bound For Glory update on their website.

W-1 announced that The Wolves will not be on the show due to Davey Richards' injuries. Wrestle-1 also officially announced that Team 3D would be appearing, which is the first time that the team, officially announced as being inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame that evening, has been advertised in Japan.

There are expected to be 7-8 matches on the PPV card with some matches finally being announced later this week.

Officially advertised on the Japan side of things are Bully Ray, Devon, Samoa Joe, MVP, Sanada, James Storm, Ethan Carter III, Bram, Manik, Abyss, Tajiri and The Great Muta.

Jimmy Suzuki, on Twitter, disputed reports that Bobby Lashley is working the show.

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