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By Mike Johnson on 2014-09-21 21:16:00

Welcome to’s WWE Night of Champions 2014 PPV coverage! Thank you for logging in and joining us tonight.

Kickoff Show

The panel is Renee Young, Big Show, Alex Riley and Booker T. Young welcomed us to the panel and the PPV and noted the late breaking news that Roman Reigns underwent emergency surgery yesterday and would not compete tonight.

They went right into a video feature on WWE World Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar, showing his dominance in the company.

When they returned, the panel discussed the John Cena vs. Lesnar bout at Summerslam. They used some boxing/MMA- lie factoids from the first match, noting Cena was only on offense for a little over a minute in their last match and was on the mat over 11 minutes.

The panel talked about the title match, then Tom Phillips in the social media lounge discussed what fans felt about the main event.

They aired a video package about Rusev vs. Mark Henry.

Big Show said Mark Henry was going to show Rusev some good old-fashioned American justice. Booker said that you can't sleep on Rusev as he's laid out everyone he's been in the ring with.

They recapped the issues between the Chris Jericho and Randy Orton, then discussed the WWE Intercontinental championship bout between The Miz and Dolph Ziggler. They talked about the U.S title bout as well.

Backstage, Booker T interviewed Goldust. They talked about their old tag team and joked around. Goldust then got serious and said the old Goldust is gone. Booker looked disturbed. Stardust showed up and did his entire deal, promising the “cosmic key” (The WWE Tag Team titles) would be theirs tonight.

The panel discussed the WWE Divas championship situation. AJ Lee was interviewed by the panel. She said that her boss Stephanie can throw anything into the match but she’s going to get that she gets what belongs to her. She then looked into the camera and addressed Paige, saying tonight would be the last time that she would hold what rightfully belongs to her. She was asked about Nikki Bella. She said, “Nikki has a big bark. I bite.” She skipped off.

After another visit to the social media lounge, they ran a breaking news piece on Roman Reigns. They had a video of Roman in his hospital bed where he talked about calling 911 because of the pain in his abdomen, which was due to his incarcerated hernia.

They aired a great video on the Cena vs. Lesnar main event.

It was time for The Peep Show with Christian. He brought out Chris Jericho. They went back and forth taking shots at each other over who was in charge of their former tag team. Christian mocked his clothes. Christian said that Jericho has his hands full with Randy Orton tonight. They showed the attack from Raw where Orton jumped Jericho in the training room.

Christian said that Orton’s issues with Jericho is that Jericho is everything Orton isn’t, noting that Orton is HHH’s lapdog. Orton, on the screen, showed up and said some really lame lines knocking the two. He said he beat Christian so bad, he can’t compete anymore. He said when he was done with Jericho, the only TV show he will be able to star on is Total Divas. Wow, that was lame. Jericho knew it as he said Orton would be starring in Total Jackasses and said Orton told some lame jokes. He went into Y2J promo mode ripping on Orton and promising that he would take out Randy. The Jericho promo was fun. Everything else? Eh, not so much. Orton’s verbiage was BEYOND forced. They need to let these guys and girls talk like real people because the verbiage doesn’t even sound like anything anyone would ever say in legitimate conversation, much less competition.

WWE Night of Champions PPV

After WWE did a great video on the WWE championship, fireworks went off and we went right into the action.

WWE Tag Team champions The Usos vs. Goldust & Stardust

They showed footage of the Dust Brothers taking out Jey’s knees. The announcers noted that he says he’s 100% tonight.

Goldust and Jey locked up. Goldust was backed in the corner and nailed with a series of right hands. Stardust tagged in but was controlled with several slams. The Usos used a double team Hotshot on Stardust. Jimmy locked on an armbar but was backed into the Dusts’ corner. The referee was distracted, allowing Goldust to nail a right hand.

Goldust tagged in and whipped Uso hard into the buckles. They controlled Uso as they tagged in and out. Jimmy Uso finally was able to stop himself during an Irish whip and nailed a right hand on Goldust. He scored a two count. Goldust went to the outside. Uso jumped on the guard rail and hit a dive on Stardust. Goldust grabbed him and drilled him on the floor.

Goldust tossed Jimmy back into the ring for a two count. They continued working over Uso, who tried to fight his way out, only to be caught and taken back down. Some fans were chanting, “Cosmic Key.”

Uso finally nailed a jawbreaker on Stardust. He staggered into the corner, where Stardust missed a charge. Goldust tagged in but was tagged with an enziuiri. Jimmy finally made the hot tag to Jey, who exploded with several clotheslines and right hands.

Jey went for a back suplex but Stardust landed on his feet. Jey caught him in the corner and began beating his hamstring and knee. Jimmy nailed a dive to the outside on Goldust. Jey nailed a flying bodypress on Stardust for a two count. He followed up with a Samoan Drop and nailed the back splash in the corner on Stardust, followed by a superkick on Goldust. Stardust attacked Jey from behind and nailed Crossrhodes for a two count.

Stardust tied up Jey in the ropes and slapped him. Jimmy went to unhook him but Stardust nailed him off the apron. Jey rolled up Stardust for a two count. The Usos hit a pair of dives on the Dust Brothers. Stardust finally was able to roll up one of the Usos and hooked the tights for the pin.

Your winners and new WWE Tag Team champions, Goldust & Stardust!

Good, athletic back and forth match. Some really nice action here.

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