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By Gregory Davis on 2014-09-18 19:36:48

*MVP and Kenny King cut a promo talking about a tag team tournament to be the new number one contenders.

*MVP and Kenny King vs. Samoa Joe and Low Ki. Joe submits King to advance. Pretty long match, nothing special.

*Bram interview. Talking about Devon and Abyss. He calls out Magnus. They are united against their enemies. Devon out and talks about being near Philly and ECW. He says Bully isn't here, but brings out Tommy Dreamer. A brawl occurs. Dreamer and Devon stand tall.

A belt hanger is above the ring. Not sure if it will be for a match or a match promo later on.

*The Hardys defeated EC3 and the former Brodus Clay after multiple Twists of Fate and a swanton on Clay.

*The Beautiful People vs. Madison Rayne and Taryn Terrell. Madison isn't helping out at all. She always ends up away from corner when Taryn tries to tag. Eventually. Rayne goes after TBP briefly, so she is not aligned with them, but takes out Terrell and walks out. TBP win.

*Storm, Manik, and Sanada segment, talking about a Storm coming. He wants to invite another and alls out Davey Richards. Talks about partners holding them back. Eddie Edwards tries to stop it. Says there's no way Davey would do it. Davey angry and says he can talk for himself. Leads to Storm vs Eddie. The story is that Davey is thinking about the offer at ringside, and is going back and forth about it. Arguing leads to Storm winning. No decision made.

*First main event next. Lashley vs Bobby Roode for the title. Kurt Angle guest referee. Lashley dominating most of it. During Roode comeback, Lashley takes out Angle accidentally. Does it again. Fighting outside, another accidental spear on a crew member. After slamming Lashley on ramp, gets two from a regular ref. Low blow by Lashley. Tries using belt, ref stops it. Angle back. Counting sequence. Roode gets three. New TNA champion!

*Sam Shaw and Britney segment. They talks about turning on Gunner, and start passionately making out. Gunner out, calls them "creepy bastards." Start brawling. Britney helps out and they stand tall after low blow. Shaw then uses a hold while wearing gloves to put him out. Then, more making out.

*Havok vs Gail Kim. Brawling around ringside and on stage before bell. Gail thrown off it. Medics out. Borash was gong to call it off, but Gail refused. Match starts. All Havok. Havok would have won by count out, but wanted to cause more damage. Gail now getting some offense, but havok in control still. Gail jumps off top rope, but is caught in Chokeslam. Havok retains.

*Rockstar Stud interview. Going over his TNA career and talking down to EC3. "I don't need you anymore!" Borash talked about him slowly winning over everyone on British Bootcamp, and here, and hugged him. EC3 on stage with the former BC. Says Borash and Spud owe everything to Dixie and him respectively. Giving him a chance to apologize. NO! Borash breaking them up, so EC3 decks him. All three fighting, beating up Spud, till Eric Young makes the save with a chair. Great segment.

*Hardcore match. Tommy Dreamer and D-Von vs Bram and Magnus. Faces jump heels. Total plunder. Spitting drinks. Chairs and trash cans. Tower of doom. Bram sent through table. Mangus now attacking both with kendo stick. Dreamer with low blow, several weapon shots, and a DDT on Magnus, wins for his team.

*Kurt Angle out to welcome the new champion Bobby Roode. "I love pro wrestling. All I ever wanted was to be the best , and i am." Says he's proud to be standing here with a great man like Kurt Angle. About to leave, but MVPs group comes out. MVP says Roode manipulated the system to get the title. Says they're the cheaters. Says that he's the one who deserves the next title shot. Angle says you don't deserve it. But still lets Roode offer MVP the title shot. It's on for this episode. Likely happening tomorrow.

*Tournament finals. Samoa Joe and Low-Ki vs the Hardyz. Hardyz win following a Swanton, and moonsalt.

*Bully Ray out. I think this is for Xplosion. Asks what the crowds favorite match was. Asks everyone to come tomorrow for Full Metal Mayhem and MVP vs Roode. This part is definitely dark. Seeing him as a rah-rah guy is weird. Mr Anderson out too. Teases throwing shirt in crowd but doesn't. They do a bit about the pro wrestling hand book saying since he's a good guy he has to do it, and starts mentioning other inside terms and doing catchphrases. Very weird.

Anyway... they bring out Chris Melendez. Him and Anderson vs the Bromans with the Beautiful People. Entirely working over Chris. Anderson finally tags in, and running over them briefly, we get a comedy bit with the faces and referee staring at TBPs asses while they dance for seemingly forever. Somehow leads to Mic check for win.

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