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By Mike Johnson on 2014-09-15 13:25:46
Additional details on new character names:

*Ezekiel Jackson is billed as Big Ryk.
*The former Maxine is Karlita
*Ricky Reyes is billed as Cortes Castor.
*Lil' Cholo is working under the ring name Cisco.

Lucha Underground taped episodes three and four over the weekend for The El Rey Network in Los Angeles.

The third episode featured the following results:

*El Hijo del Fantasma defeated Magnificent Martin by countout after Martin struck his head during a move outside. This may have been a dark match.

*Carnitas (Mascarita Sagrada) defeated Mariachi Loco. Carnitas was attacked by Chavo Guerrero after.
*Mil Muertes defeated Ricky Mandell.
*Fenix Jr. defeated Pentagón Jr. and Drago.

Q attended the taping of episode number four last night and sent along the following live report:

Johnny Mundo (Morrison) started off the show and cut a promo on Big Ryk (Ezekial Jackson). Mundo said Big Ryk stole money from him and he wants to get his payback.

El Americano & Mariachi Loco & Mascarita Sagrada defeated Cisco & Cortes Castro & Mil Muerte in a dark match. Mariachi got the win and Muerte got injured when Mascarita jumped to the floor.

Match 2 was Sexy Star vs. Ivelisse Velez. Both cut a promo on each other before the match. Sexy Star wins via a rollup.

Match 3 was Fenix Jr. defeating Pentagon Jr. Good Lucha match.

Match 4 was Drago vs. a heel with a deer head entrance like Mantaur. Someone near me thought it was Hijo del Fantasma. This was a good lucha match. The heel was really hated by the crowd. Drago wins.

The main event was Big Ryk vs. Johnny Mundo, which ended with a The Crenshaw Crew interfering. All three put Mundo through a table.

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