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By Mike Johnson on 2014-09-13 10:00:11
Is the Mike Bucci on the advertised Football Show in the Elite area Simon Dean? Who's Donnie Bucci?

It is indeed the former Simon Dean. It's one of two audios he does on the site, the other being "Symonology" which looks at his experiences in pro wrestling. Donnie is his twin brother who worked and booked in the Northeast independent scene, including running the Phoenix Championship Wrestling promotion.

Hideo Itami? Really?

Yes, really. It'll take some getting used to for sure.

Thanks for answering my previous message regarding Bully and Brock. So now, just for our own amusement, I propose this: After a possibly brutal match between Cena and Brock at Night of Champions, with Brock victorious, would you (as I would) get utter goosebumps if after the match, the lights went out and the voice of Bully Ray suddenly roared out, "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM??" Can you imagine Paul Heyman's facial expression?

I am sure Heyman would whip out a great reaction. I don't know that WWE would book such a dramatic debut for Ray however.

Whatever happened to former TNA Knockout star Tara?

She is living in Chicago and running the wrestling-themed Squared Circle restaurant.

I have a question I've been meaning to ask for a while. Considering all the mixed feelings fans have towards John Cena, do you think he would get more respect from older fans if he started wearing traditional wrestling gear again? His days of his "thug" gimmick are long over, and jean shorts and New Balance shoes wouldn't exactly strike fear into the hearts of his opponents. I first thought of this a couple years ago in his feud with Daniel Bryan, where Bryan was questioning his wrestling ability. Perhaps if John Cena had come out at Summerslam in tights and wrestling boots, he would have shown that he takes wrestling seriously. WWE could still have him wear those childish cartoon T shirts and arm bands so the merchandise would still sell. Just wondering what your thoughts are on this.

I think at this point, no matter what he does, the fans are going to give him the same reaction. He represents something a segment of the audience doesn't like and they are not going to change just because he dresses differently.

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