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By Mike Johnson on 2014-09-06 23:18:46
The El Rey Network's Lucha Underground series taped its first episodes tonight in Los Angeles. We don't have spoilers as of this writing as the taping requested fans turn phones off in an attempt to ward off results leaking out.

So, based on what we have heard thus far, here are some plot points and highlights from the taping:

*Martin Casaus of Tough Enough fame worked under the moniker "Magnificent Martin" facing someone who I believe was Ricky Banderas under a mask.

*Matt Cross worked mask billed as "Lord of Havok", wrestling AAA female Luchador Sexy Star.

*Famous B and B-Boy appeared, wrestling under their usual names.

*Ricochet, billed as Prince Puma in a yellow mask, wrestled John "Morrison" Hennigan in what was said to have been an awesome match.

*There is a heel trio featuring the former Ezekiel Jackson, Ricky Reyes and 'Lil Cholo from the California indy scene. One person I spoke to believed the trio was dubbed "The Crenshaw Crew." Crenshaw is an area of LA.

*Blue Demon Jr. wrestled Chavo Guerrero Jr.

*No sign of Fenix or Pentagon Jr., although they were scheduled for the taping.

*Matt Striker and Vampiro were indeed the announcers.

*Chavo Guerrero and Konnan worked as agents for the taping. Konnan was there despite undergoing a hip replacement surgery just nine days ago.

*The crowd seemed to feature very little wrestling fans and a larger percentage of extras. As noted, fans were asked to keep their cell phones off during the taping.

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