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By Stuart Carapola on 2014-09-06 22:53:32
Welcome to's live coverage of ROH All Star Extravaganza VI!

My stream is cutting in and out like crazy, but I'll do the best I can.

Jay Lethal (wearing street clothes) comes out with Truth Martini and Selezia to start the show, and Truth's promo is cutting in and out like crazy, but I get that ACH isn't here tonight and that ACH's initials stand for A Crack Head. Truth says Lethal has the night off, but Cedric Alexander comes out and says he doesn't have an opponent for tonight either. Since he beat Lethal a few weeks ago on TV, he feels like he deserves a shot at the TV Title tonight. Lethal says no way, but Alexander says he wasn't talking to him, he was talking to someone with balls...and the stream jumps before I hear who he meant. Whoever it was, Lethal didn't like it because he gets in Cedric's face and says he got it. Lethal started to make a comment about Cedric's mother, but Cedric shoves him and Lethal tries a superkick, but Cedric moves and Lethal lays Selezia out instead. Cedric tells Lethal that title is coming to him tonight.

Mark Briscoe vs Hanson

They go nose to nose and Mark dropkicks Hanson's knee out right off the bat and unloads with right hands. Mark uses his speed to outmaneuver Hanson, but gets backdropped WAY over the top rope to the floor and then gets taken out by a dive through the ropes from Hanson. Well we're off to a fast start! Hanson keeps up the pressure when they come back inside, planting Mark in the mat with a windmill suplex for 2. Mark drills Hanson with a rebound forearm out of the corner, then hammers Hanson with shots in the corner. They trade right hands in the middle of the ring and Mark goes for a suplex, but Hanson easily blocks and reverses. Mark slips out the back and shoots Hanson into the ropes, but Hanson cartwheels past Mark and wipes him out with a clothesline for 2. Mark tries a sunset flip, but Hanson powers Mark up by the neck, gets him up for a vertical suplex, then gourdbusters Mark onto his knee. OUCH! That only gets 2 though, and they go back to trading punches. Hanson blocks the uranage suplex, but Mark goes to Redneck Kung Fu, German suplexes Hanson, and enziguiris him to the floor. Mark dives off the top rope and takes Hanson out on the floor, then gets to the apron and hits the Cactus elbow. Mark rolls Hanson back in and tries another top rope crossbody, but Hanson catches him, rams him onto the top turnbuckle, repeatedly bashes him in the chest with forearms, then hits Mark with the Bronco Buster. Hanson goes to the top rope and goes for the moonsault, but Mark moves and Hanson hits nothing. Mark goes to the top and hits FroggyBow for the win.

Winner: Mark Briscoe

Great opener! Mark looked better than he has in a long time, and Hanson looked like a monster too. Code of Honor is followed after the match.

Tommaso Ciampa comes out of the crowd and grabs a mic, and Bobby Cruise hightails it up the aisle. Ciampa says he just wanted to tell Bobby he's sorry, and Nigel says now isn't the time or the place, but Ciampa asks when it will be. Nigel comes in the ring as Ciampa keeps rambling and tells the sound guy to cut his mic, and Ciampa is livid as Nigel tries to calm him down and talk him out of the ring. Referees and security come out, and an obviously frustrated Ciampa leaves quietly as Nigel says to get on with the show.

Four Corner Survival: RD Evans & Moose vs BJ Whitmer & Adam Page vs Caprice Coleman & Watanabe vs Ethan Gabriel Owens & Josh Alexander

Scramble rules apply here...this one's old school! Whitmer and Watanabe start us off, but neither one gets anywhere, so Page tags in and finds himself on the receiving end of another big backdrop from Watanabe, who then tags Coleman in for a fast paced sequence. Page dumps Caprice to the floor, and Evans comes in...and gets battered by Whitmer. Evans catches him with a single leg dropkick, and then Owens comes in and tells Evans to come Evans tags Moose in. Moose blows through Owens, but Alexander comes in and has some success, but that only lasts until the Decade drags Owens and Alexander out of hte ring and go after Moose. He bowls them both over with a double shoulderblock, then Coleman springboard moonsaults to the floor. Now Evans wants a tag, and he and Moose do the old Quebecers finish to the floor. That was visually impressive! Whitmer finally slows Moose down with a big forearm, then he tears Watanabe's head off with a clothesline. Page tells Whitmer to dive, so Whitmer grabs Page and tosses him over the top to make him dive instead. Cute. Moose comes back in and takes Whitmer out, then he finally hits the dive he's teased the whole match. Now we get to Everyone Hits A Spot, and Whitmer nearly catches the win after using Moose's momentum to make him spear Evans and then hits Moose with an exploder, but Moose was out at 2. Owens and Alexander hit Page with an awesome torture rack into a spinebuster, but Evans sneaks in and gives Alexander a crucifix for the win.

Winners: RD Evans & Moose

Not a fan of all the spots, but the finish was great. I can't believe how over Evans is, good for him. He cracks me up.

Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian vs Roderick Strong & BJ Whitmer

The Addiction starts off quickly, attacking Strong and Jacobs and dumping Jacobs to the floor where Daniels takes him out with a dive. The Decade gets the advantage as they go back inside and Strong suplexes Jacobs onto Daniels for 2. The Addiction quickly regains the advantage, and trap Strong in their half of the ring for several minutes. Strong finally catches Kazarian in midair and nails him with a backbreaker and tags out to Jacobs. Strong and Jacobs have ridiculously good chemistry as a tag team, and they actually seem to be working together better than I've seen either of them work with any other partner, and that's saying something. They keep control of Kazarian with some great double teams, and Strong distracts the referee so the other three Decade members can clubber Kazarian on the ring apron. Kazarian finally pulls some good maneuvers to get to his corner and tag in Daniels, who cleans house on Strong and Jacobs. Jacobs catches Daniels with a springboard cutter and Strong quickly follows up with a half nelson backbreaker for 2. Gutbuster/spear combination nearly gets the fall on Daniels until Kazarian breaks the fall. The Addiction hits a double team powerbomb on Jacobs, then a double goozle on Strong followed by a full rotation back suplex onto Daniels' knees gets the win.

AJ Styles faces Adam Cole next on Page 2!

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