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By Mike Johnson on 2014-09-05 22:58:59
The first-ever Masked Mania PPV opened with a highlight reel of the talents appearing on the show.

They then went right to the ring for the introductions of the opening bout with all the competitors in the ring. Joel Gertner handled the ring introductions in Spanish.

Frightmare & Hallowicked vs. Latin Dragon & Ultimo Panda

The announcers were Joe Dombrowski and Leonard F. Chikarason. They noted they were at the famous 2300 Arena in Philadelphia and the venue looked so different that I had forgotten it was the old ECW Arena until they said something.

Hallowicked and Panda started with Panda getting the advantage with some comedy bits. Hallowicked cut him off and slammed him into the buckles. Panda avoided a charge and went to the top rope. Panda walked the ropes and nailed an Old School.

Panda went for a Boston Crab but Frightmare got involved. He was nailed and was locked in a submission. Latin Dragon hit the ring for a dropkick. The tecnicos teased dives but the rudos ran off. Dragon nailed a series of offensive maneuvers and dropkicks.

Frightmare and Hallowicked attacked Dragon and doubleteamed him in the corner. Hallowicked drilled Dragon with a series of chops. Dragon was sent into the ropes but came back with a dropkick on both. Panda tagged in and slammed them on top of each other. He teased a moonsault and went up but they both moved.

Hallowicked and Frightmare double-teamed Panda with a sideslam and legdrop across the throat for a two count. Frightmare locked in a chinock and chopped away at him in the corner. Frightmare scored a series of two counts. The assault on Panda continued as Dragon tried to rally the fans.

Hallowicked went for a sunset flip but Panda dropped down for a sit-down splash. Frightmare attacked him. Hallowicked grabbed the Panda but was knocked off the apron, then backdropped Frightmare over the top to the floor. Panda hit a moonsault off the apron to the floor. Latin Dragon then hit a moonsault off the top to the floor, wiping everyone out.

Frightmare nailed a GTS as Hallowicked kicked Dragon coming down. They nailed the Headless Horseman but Panda made the save. They sent Panda into the corner and nailed him with stereo kicks for a two count. Panda came back with a DVDR on both and then Latin hit a frog splash off the top for the pin.

Your winners, Latin Dragon & Ultimo Panda!

Fun back and forth opener. The crowd seemed to really get into the chubby Ultimo Panda’s dancing and comedy spots. Everyone worked really hard and there was some good work. Very good commentary as well. I popped for the "very sad Panda" from South Park.

Papadon & Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy vs. Ophidian The Cobra & The Madjai Amasis & Green Ant

Papadon made Joel Gertner introduce him in Spanish, then ripped on the fans by chanting “USA. USA” on the mic. That's not going to work for the Lucha audience! The heels (naturally the Americans) tossed tortillas at the babyfaces and into the crowd.

Cassidy,, who was acting as if he was "out of it" and uninterested was controlled early by Ant and Ophidan. Cassidy grabbed one of the Ant's antennae to hurt him but was unable to used a deep armdrag. Ant nailed him with a swinging kick and nailed a springboard senton. Cassidy was nailed with a gourdbuster for a two count.

Taylor tagged in and rolled up Ophidian for a two count. Ophidian uses Lucha combinations to outsmart him over and over. Taylor finally catches him but Amasis comes in with a dropkick.

Papadon hit the ring but Amasis took him out. Amasis caught him with a rana and a monkey flip. They tried to hypnotize Papadon but his partners nailed him. They themselves were hexed but Papadon grabbed the Osirian Portal with a back suplex. Taylor stomped away on Amasis.

Papadon kicked in and nailed a low clothesline for a two count. Amasis is worked over but finally makes the tag to Ophidian. Taylor clotheslines him over the top to the floor but on the way down he lands on Cassidy and hits a head scissors. Ant nailed a tornado DDT. They were some awesome sequences too fast and complicated to recount with a series of hot near falls and big moves. Great stuff.

The Osirian Portal nailed a double decker superplex on Papadon. Taylor and Cassidy attacked them and slammed them in unison. Ant fought them off but was drilled with a boot to the face. Cassidy tried to spew orange mist but Ant ducked and Taylor was blinded. Ant dove outside on Papadon and Taylor. The Portal drilled Cassidy and pinned him.

Your winners, Ophidian The Cobra & The Madjai Amasis & Green Ant!

Real good back and forth match with hot sequences and really good heel work. Papadon had some great facial expressions and good timing and offense. Taylor and Cassidy were great n their roles as heels. Cassidy's character of the complete burnout is perfect for this sort of setting where over-exaggeration is the norm. Lots of fun stuff from the Portal with their hypnosis spots. Overall, a complete package of fun.

Campeonato de Maestros Champion Solar vs. Negro Navarro

Sean Waltman joined Joe Dombrowski and Leonard Chikarason on commentary. Lots of back and forth matwork early. Solar tied up Negro and worked on his arms. Negro kept getting free but Solar was ready for him and kept him off balance. Solar tied him up again but Negro grabbed the ropes to break it. Lots more working of holds on the mat here in comparison to the earlier, more high flying, faster paced matches. They went back and forth on the mat. The fans chanted "Mexico."

They went into a series of near reversals trying to lock the other one up. Navarro went for a rolling pinfall combination but Solar slipped out. Solar locked up Negro's legs on the mat but he grabbed the ropes to force the break. They faced off. Solar grabbed a wristlock and took Negro to the mat, then turned him over, using his legs to cinch in a hammerlock. Negro grabbed the rope and broke the hold. The crowd applauded all the matwork, which is pretty unique in 2014.

Negro used a short arm scissors variation. Solar slipped out and covered Negro who kicked out at two. Negro turned him into a leglock and then pulled him into a surfboard. Solar reversed it and locked in one of his own for a two count. They faced off and went back and forth with more unique matwork and submissions.

Solar used a rolling abdominal stretch in the mat. Negro slipped out and tried to cover Solar, then used his own version of the abdominal stretch. Solar slipped in an armbar and rolled Negro over, packaging him for a two count. Negro kicked out and they faced off to some nice applause.

Solar nailed a weak looking clothesline for a two count, then nailed a sunset flip for another. He locked up Negro with an inside cradle for a two count. Solar scored several more two counts. Negro drilled him in the lower leg and then used an awesome modified surfboard. Solar caught him with a rolling small package. Waltman, Chikarason and Dombrowski were in awe of some of the combinations.

Navarre finally caught him in an hammerlock submission out of a rolling move and forced the tapout.

Your winner and new Campeonato de Maestros Champion Negro Navarre!

This will probably go down as one of the most unique wrestling matches on PPV this year as they worked a very old school, mat-based Lucha style with all these very out of this world submissions and combinations that are old hat in Mexico but in today's United States scene, were totally fresh and fun. Good stuff, as long as you have the patience to let the story be told.

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