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By Mike Johnson on 2014-09-02 09:59:00

Add the former Exekiel Jackson, the former Maxine from WWE NXT and the former Savannah (who was great in WWE developmental and then used as a ring announcer before being let go) from WWE to those who were offered deals for the Lucha Underground series. Maxine confirmed on Twitter that she has signed for the series.

Add Frankie Kazarian to the list of talents who were offered deals for the El Rey Network's Lucha Underground series and turned down the contract. As noted yesterday, the Young Bucks also turned down their contract offer.

Today is going to be an interesting day as talents were told if they didn't sign today, their offers would be rescinded. I was told the wrestlers were going back and forth with the series to get the deals done yesterday but a lot of names still have not come to terms.

As of last night, Chavo Guerrero, who was going to work in a backstage capacity as well as perform on the show, had yet to come to terms.

As noted, a number of talents have been wary of signing due to the length of exclusivity, the lack of guaranteed pay and the inability to work independent dates without clearance from the series. We are told some talents have been offered $750 per match while others, who would be considered far bigger names by fans of the independent scene, only received offers of $200 per match. There were some who raised their eyebrows at the disparity in the offers.

Former WWE Creative team members Chris Roach and Matt Stollman are working on the Lucha Underground series under Chris DeJoseph.

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