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By Mike Johnson on 2014-09-01 15:56:23
WWE will be officially signing Willie Mack, who will soon be reporting to WWE NXT in Florida. Mack, who has been on WWE's radar for months, had an official farewell and tribute over the weekend at a Pro Wrestling Guerrilla event in Reseda, CA.

Joey Ryan posted the following photo on his Instagram account: reported several months ago that Mack was signing with the company but chose to rescind the report after WWE sources indicated he had not yet taken the medical testing needed that would allow him to sign. Mack finally went through the testing last week, PWInsider has confirmed.

Orignally trained by Ryan and Aaron Aguilera, among others, Mack has been a regular for CWH and PWG for years and is an incredibly athletic, charismatic performer. CWH booked him to win their Red Carpet Rumble earlier this year as something of a tribute and sendoff for him for all his hard work for the promotion.

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