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By Richard Trionfo on 2014-08-31 15:27:41
Tonight’s show starts off with a video package showing War Machine and The Briscoes. Who is the tougher team? Jay says that he likes the name War Machine because that means they take everyone to war and they are up for the challenge.

We are in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and your announcers are Steve ‘Pretzels from a grill’ Corino, Prince Nana, and Kevin ‘Rittenhouse Square’ Kelly.

Match Number One: Hanson and Raymond Rowe versus Jay Briscoe and Mark Briscoe

Rowe and Mark start things off and Rowe with a double leg take down. Mark has a kick blocked and Rowe tries to send him to the mat, but Mark flips and lands on his feet. Rowe with a waist lock take down. Rowe with a punch but Mark with a palm thrust. Rowe goes for the legs but Mark gets out of the way.

Jay and Hanson tag in. Jay with a side head lock and Hanson pushes him towards the corner. Hanson with punches but Jay with elbows and head butts. Mark tags in and he hits a splash in the corner. Mark with a kick to the head and punches. Hanson with an Irish whip and Mark floats over but Hanson with a side slam. Rowe tags back in and he connects with forearms. The referee pulls Rowe out of the corner.

Rowe with knees and a forearm to send Mark to the mat. Rowe with knees to the head followed by a punch. Rowe runs into a boot but Rowe fires back with a punch. Hanson and Rowe double team Mark when Mark goes after Hanson on the apron. Rowe with more punches but Mark with punches. Rowe with a knee and forearms as we go to commercial.

We are back and Mark with punches but Rowe with a knee and forearm. Mark with an Irish whip and Rowe floats over and connects with knees to send Mark into the corner. Hanson tags in and runs across the ring to get extra momentum for a bronco buster. Hanson gets a near fall and Jay breaks up the cover. Mark with punches and chops.

Jay tags in and he hits a clothesline on Hanson and gets a near fall. Rowe comes in and he has some words for Jay. Jay punches Hanson and Hanson with a cartwheel to avoid Jay. Jay avoids a clothesline and he hits Rowe on the apron while Mark punches Hanson. Jay with a headbutt, but Rowe comes in and hits a German suplex. Mark comes in and Rowe with a forearm. Mark with a cross body and both men go over the top rope to the floor.

Mark and Jay work over Rowe on the floor and Hanson with a suicide dive onto all three men. Hanson sends Mark into the ring but Mark with an enzuigiri that knocks Hanson off the apron and onto the table used by the ring announcer and timekeeper. Jay with a double stomp off the apron and the table breaks.

Rowe with a forearm to Jay and then Rowe with a double leg take down to Mark, even though they are not the legal men in the match. Rowe with a waist lock and he sends Mark into the corner. Mark with an Irish whip and Jay with a splash into the corner and then Mark with a clothesline as Jay sends Rowe towards his brother. Rowe with a Saito suplex to Mark and Jay with jabs but Rowe with forearms. Rowe with a forearm and Hanson with a forearm from the apron.

Jay gets pinballed between Hanson and Rowe until Hanson biels Jay over the top rope to the floor. Mark with a missile drop kick to Rowe. Mark lands on his feet on a back body drop attempt but Hanson with a clothesline to Mark.

From the floor, Jay throws a chair into the ring and it hits Hanson. Jay pulls Hanson to the floor and he sends him into the guardrails. Mark with a knee to Rowe from the apron. Hanson with an Irish whip to Jay that eventually sends him into the guardrails. The mats are pulled up and Hanson and Jay continue to exchange punches.

The referee gives up trying to control these four men so he calls for the bell.

No Contest

After the match, all four men continue their battle on the floor with Hanson and Jay brawling on one side of the ringside area and Mark and Rowe on the other. A table is set up on the floor by Mark and security makes its way to ringside to try to control things. The two teams are finally separated but Mark gets to the apron and so does Rowe. Mark charges at Rowe and Rowe catches Mark and sends him through the table with an uranage.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a message from Silas Young. He says that he is getting real tired of seeing these anti-bullying campaigns. If it wasn’t for bullying kids out of their lunch money, he wouldn’t have been able to put himself through college.

Match Number Two: Adam Page and Tadarius Thomas (with BJ Whitmer) versus Moose and RD Evans (with Veda Scott, Ramone, and The Sign)

Thomas and Moose start things off. Thomas spins away from Moose and applies a waist lock but Moose powers out of the hold. Thomas with kicks to the leg but Moose grabs Thomas by the throat and he tries for a choke slam but Thomas flips out of the hold. Moose with a drop kick and he pounds his chest. Evans emphatically wants to make the tag. Moose sends Thomas into the corner and Evans tags in.

Evan with punches but Thomas with an Irish whip and Evans does the Flair Flip to the apron. Evans with an elbow to Page and then he hits a shoulder from the apron and flips into the ring. Page comes into the ring and he connects with a clothesline and he punches Evans even if he is not the legal man in the match. Page puts Evans in the tree of woe and Thomas tags back in to the match where he is the legal man. Thomas with boots to the head while Evans is still in the tree of woe. Thomas with punches and Page tags in.

Page with a kick but Evans with punches. Page with a wrist clutch belly-to-back suplex and he gets a near fall. Page tries for a suplex but Evans lands on his feet and he tries for a backslide. Moose tags in and he connects with a shoulder tackle to Page and a head butt to Thomas. Moose pounds his chest before hitting a series of splashes into the corner. Moose with a flying head butt to Page and then he tries for a back drop on Thomas.

Thomas goes for a sunset flip but Moose does not go over and he picks up Thomas and sends him to the mat with a flapjack. Moose continues to pound his chest as he gets ready for a spear but Evans tags in before Moose takes Thomas down with the spear and Evans gets the three count.

Winners: RD Evans and Moose

After the match, Whitmer slaps Thomas and Page for their loss. Thomas and Page get in BJ’s face but Whitmer slaps them harder. Whitmer continues to yell at Page and Thomas and they back down.

We go to commercial.

We are back with information about All Star Extravaganza in Toronto in September. That show will be on iPPV and will feature Jay Briscoe versus Michael Elgin for the ROH World Title; The Young Bucks versus reDRagon for the ROH World Tag Team Titles in a two out of three falls match; ACH versus Jay Lethal for the ROH Television Title in a No Time Limit Match; AJ Styles will face Adam Cole; and Cedric Alexander will face Silas Young. Check out how to watch the show at the Ring of Honor website.

Nigel McGuinness has taken over for Prince Nana on commentary for this match.

Match Number Three: Cedric Alexander versus Michael Elgin for the ROH World Heavyweight Title

Alexander with a running drop kick into the corner and a rollup for a near fall. Alexander with a waist lock and Elgin holds on to the ropes. Elgin goes for a crossface but Alexander with a rollup for a near fall. Alexander with a waist lock and Elgin with a standing switch and Alexander with a rollup for another near fall. Alexander with a drop kick to the temple followed by punches.

Elgin and Alexander with forearms. Elgin pie faces Alexander but Alexander with a kick to the head. Alexander with a punch and Elgin bounces off the ropes for a forearm. Elgin with a boot but Alexander with a forearm. Elgin with knees to the midsection followed by a gutwrench to put Alexander on the turnbuckles. Elgin with running double knees into the back. Elgin signals for a running knee but Alexander with punches and forearms. Elgin trips Alexander and then misses a slingshot splash from the apron.

Alexander goes for a slingshot move and Elgin with a forearm. Elgin continues to hold his jaw and then he goes to the apron. Elgin tries for a belly-to-back suplex on the apron but Alexander gets into the ring and he drop kicks Elgin off the apron to the floor. Alexander goes for a dive to the floor but Elgin grabs the leg and pulls him to the floor and swings Alexander into the guardrail.

Elgin Irish whips Alexander into the guardrails and Alexander goes down. Elgin sends Alexander back first into the guardrails again. Elgin rolls Alexander back into the ring and he gets a near fall. Alexander with punches and forearms. Alexander holds his back and Elgin tells him to hit him again. Alexander with a forearm and Elgin spits at Alexander. Alexander with forearms and head butts. Alexander staggers into the corner and he chops Elgin.

Elgin with a boot to Alexander followed by a flying boot to the temple. Elgin tries for a delayed vertical suplex but Cedric with knees to the head. Alexander charges into the corner and Elgin goes for an uranage in the corner, but Alexander counters with an arm drag. Alexander gets Elgin on his shoulders but Elgin escapes and he goes for a tombstone but Alexander gets to the ropes. Elgin sends Alexander to the apron and Alexander with a slingshot Codebreaker but Alexander cannot capitalize on the situation.

Alexander with a forearm and Elgin fires back but Alexander pops up when Elgin connects with forearms. Alexander with control of the situation followed by a punch. Elgin follows after Alexander as he comes off the ropes but Alexander senses Elgin is behind him so he drops down and Elgin goes over the top rope to the floor.

Alexander sets for a dive but he sees Elgin get back to his feet so Alexander slows down and when Elgin goes for the feet, Alexander leaps over Elgin and goes to the apron. Alexander with a shoulder and he goes up and hits a springboard clothesline but he cannot make the cover due to the damage done to his back.

Alexander removes his elbow pad and Alexander with an elbow. Alexander with a Michinoku Driver for a near fall. We go to commercial.

We go to commercial and Elgin with a side head lock. Elgin with forearms to the back of the neck but Alexander with an enzuigiri. Alexander misses a splash into the corner and then Elgin charges into the corner but he is met with a boot. Elgin grabs the legs and puts Cedric in the ropes and Elgin with a forearm to the back of the head.

Elgin picks up Alexander for a Splash Mountain X Factor and gets a near fall. Elgin sets for a power bomb but Alexander backs Elgin into the corner. Alexander runs into the corner and Elgin gets his boot up. Alexander grabs the boot but Elgin with an enzuigiri. Elgin misses a lariat but Alexander hits a round kick off the turnbuckles. Alexander goes up top but Elgin with an uppercut to stop Cedric. Elgin chops Cedric and connects with a forearm. Elgin goes for a superplex but Alexander punches Elgin and head butts him to the mat. Alexander leaps over Elgin from the turnbuckles, but he appears to have tweaked his knee.

Elgin grabs the leg and he connects with elbows to the leg while Alexander connects with forearms. Alexander misses an enzuigiri and Elgin applies a Stretch Muffler. Alexander gets to the ropes and Elgin releases the hold. Alexander with elbows and he holds on to the ropes on an O’Connor Roll attempt. Alexander barely connects with the spinning heel kick but it is enough to send Elgin to the floor.

Alexander tries to get feeling back into his leg and he gets enough to hit a flip dive onto Elgin. Alexander goes up top and hits Shadows Over Hell and then he goes to the other side for a frog splash and he gets a near fall. Alexander is limping a bit more and he gets Elgin on his shoulder for a moment until Elgin connects with elbow. Elgin sets for a roaring elbow but Alexander with a forearm of his own.

Alexander runs into an elbow from Elgin. Elgin goes to the turnbuckles but Alexander with an enzuigiri and then Alexander gets Elgin on his shoulders but Elgin gets to his feet. Alexander gets Elgin up again and tries for Kick to Kill Part 2 but Elgin blocks it and he reapplies the Stretch Muffler. Alexander gets to the ropes.

Cedric kicks Elgin away but Elgin with a Yakuza Kick followed by a buckle bomb. Elgin goes for the spinning sit out power bomb but Alexander with a jackknife cover for a near fall. Alexander tries for a Boston Crab but it is more of a Liontamer. Elgin kicks Alexander in the head to get out of the hold.

Alexander goes for a running drop kick in the corner and Elgin ducks. Elgin gets Alexander on his shoulders and Elgin reapplies the Stretch Muffler. Elgin kicks Alexander in the back of the head and the referee stops the match.

Winner: Michael Elgin (by referee stoppage)

After the match, the referee checks on Alexander.

Elgin offers his hand to Alexander once Cedric gets back to his feet and they shake hands.

We go to credits.

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