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By Dave Scherer on 2014-09-01 09:59:00

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Watching the Monday Night War episode 2, the implication was that nobody knew that Nash and Hall had left the WWF. I can remember reading in Pro Wrestling Illustrated in April or May of 1996 that they were leaving the WWF, well before they showed up on WCW television. Why are they playing that it was not known to any fans?

Beats me. We reported it in The Wrestling Lariat when it happened. Plus, "The Curtain Call" at MSG, Hall and Nash's last night in the WWF, was well known to many fans. The victor gets to write the history.

If I remember, guys like Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart have had creative control over their characters in WWE in the past. Given John Cena's current status in WWE, wouldn't you say that he's earned the same privilege? I think if Cena was in control, he do his best to convince Vince not to have him on top so much, and not to have him go over at the expense of fresh talent all the time. Why can't Vince give creative leeway to top stars who've earned it?

I think Cena would do that as well. But the only reason that Vince McMahon gave anyone creative control is because WCW forced him to with the contracts that they were offering talent. Now, that isn't the case and Vince is not going to give anyone control of his product.

I am totally blind and have been a wrestling fan for over 40 years. However, I find that my enjoyment of the current WWE product is not what it could be for one simple reason: the calling (or lack thereof) of the matches. Can you please explain to me why the WWE has apparently decided to not have their announcers call the matches but instead make random comments that may or may not have anything to do with what’s going on in the ring? What is the point of having a three man announce team when they aren’t really doing anything? The disintegration of the quality of the announcing is very apparent as I watch older content on the WWE Network. Don’t get me wrong I’m not criticizing the WWE announcers themselves, they are only doing what they are told to do. I would just like to know why they are being told to announce the way they are. Michael Cole isn’t my favorite announcer but he can certainly be better than he is, we all know how good Jerry Lawler can be, and I think JBL would be a lot better as a more traditional commentator and it seems to me to be a total waste of talent and resources for their announcing to be watered down the way it is. Most of the time I have no idea what is going on in the ring and it really takes away from my enjoyment of the matches.

That is purely Vince McMahon's call. He doesn't feel that moves need to be called. He feels that stories need to be told. I am with you however. I think more attention should be paid to what is happening in the ring and far less should be spent on whatever goofy thing JBL feels like ranting about.

Don't you think it's a shame that just as TNA seems to be on the upturn regarding its product (great TNA division, real growth in the tag ranks, good storytelling all round) that they seem to be in difficulties with their TV deal? Maybe Spike were a little premature in dropping them.

Spike hasn't dropped them yet, which some people just can't seem to grasp for some reason. But no, I don't blame Spike for not extending the deal at the old terms. TNA had told Spike on their last contract that they would grow the audience and they didn't. And the product was really bad at times during the course of the current TV deal. So I don't blame Spike for not getting excited about a few good months. TNA has until the end of the year to show that they have turned the product around. And frankly, they need Spike. Spike doesn't need them.

Although it would probably would never happen (and shouldn't ever happen) can you think of a way WWE creative could turn the Wyatts into successful faces while they still keep their eerie, cult-like gimmick? Do you think WWE would ever do it and do ot successfully?

To a lot of people, they were faces already. They were different and quirky, and people liked that. Then, WWE booked them as jobbers and they lost steam. It's not too late to turn them around but WWE would have to book them strongly. They could work as tweeners, but not John Cena like babyfaces. Whatever happens, I hope Vince realizes how badly he has booked them and fixes it, asap.

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