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By Dave Scherer on 2014-08-31 09:59:00

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I have been watching a lot of the old PPVs recently, which made me miss the days of the original PPVs. Just four a year. I would even be satisfied with six (one every two months). If the WWE Network ever becomes lucrative to the point where they no longer "need" the PPV revenue, do you think WWE would scale back?

Considering that the main draw of The WWE Network is the PPV broadcasts, no I don't see them cutting back. They would be hurting their primary draw if they do.

So far, I've been enjoying the Monday Night Wars documentary on the WWE Network. But at the end of the 3rd episode, Stephanie McMahon said something that really made me scratch my head. It was something like, "the Attitude Era was the most fun era of wrestling to watch." Maybe I'm mistaken, but shouldn't the goal of any entertainment company be to make the current product the most fun to watch? I'm also surprised that they're putting the ratings into the documentary - showing Raw was getting 4.0-4.6 in the Attitude Era compared to 2.8 on the latest episode. Is nobody at WWE seeing this as a sign that the product needs a bit of freshening up?

You make excellent points. At the end of the day though everyone in WWE can see exactly what you do but if the one that matters, Vince McMahon, does not there won't be any change. He sets the course. It will have to dawn on him that things need to change if it is ever going to.

Do you think with Robbie E and Brooke being on The Amazing Race will lead to more viewers for impact wrestling? I mean they are both awesome personalities that America could fall in love with them and tune into impact to watch them. On the flip side shouldn't TNA start spotlighting them in big wrestling angles in case people do tune in to watch those two compete.

I don't see wrestling getting much, if any, bump from those two appearing on the race. The business is very much a niche product that people tend to either like or not. I don't think the average Amazing Race viewer, which tends to be older than the average wrestling fan, will suddenly become a fan based off of those two. And I agree, if they can make Eric Young champion based off of a show hardly anyone watches, these two should have been pushed more as well, especially leading up to the race since we don't know how long they will be on there.

What happened with Tamina Snuka? I know she went out when AJ left but that was 5 months ago and AJ is back.

She had knee surgery a few months ago and is rehabbing.

I might be alone in this, but...every time I hear Seth Rollins' finisher called the "curb stomp" my mind flashes to the idea that curb stomping is an incredibly violent act that has long been associated with hate crimes and gang violence. WWE has changed move names that wouldn't be appropriate for younger audiences (the FU/STFU come to mind), and it's a given that moves called the "lyncher" or the "gas chamber" wouldn't be seen as tasteful or appropriate. To me, the "curb stomp" is not that far off. Am I being too sensitive about this, and do you think this is on WWE's radar at all?

All I can say is that I have never heard that association for The Curb Stomp, but had for the other things you mentioned. I guess people in WWE are like me and never heard of that.

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