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By Mike Johnson on 2014-08-30 10:00:00
Regarding Damian Sandow's recent work.... I have a couple of points, one which disagrees with the site. First, wrestling is a circus and someone plays the clowns.... why not Sandow because Second, there's a bunch of guys in the back that would like 5-10 minutes of TV and mic time each week like Long Island Ice-Z or Titus.

I think the problem isn't that Sandow is being utilized but given his level of work ethic, size, promo ability, etc., he could be better utilized as a stronger character, specifically as a heel. All that said, he's doing fine as a performer in his current role but it's hard to shake the feeling that they are scorching the Earth with him and he could be a bigger piece of the overall WWE machine, especially during a time period where WWE is lacking top-tier talents that can draw them money. He could have been that guy but now, it might be too late to put him in that position for the average fan to take him seriously. That is the frustration.

What are your thoughts on TNA hiring Bram? Didn't he get in quite a bit of trouble during his run in WWE developmental? Also, what are your thoughts on him as a talent? I see a lot of potential in him, if he keeps his act together.

Bram as a hire is fine in my eyes. He has a good look and works hard. I know he was arrested several times while working for WWE developmental but if he's turned his life around and isn't getting into trouble, there is no reason not to give him a chance. TNA has and so far, it's worked out. His storyline with Abyss is something I'm really enjoying.

Outside of Paul Heyman, who do you think is the best manager/valet in wrestling right now? I believe it's good ol' Rockstar Spud.. I mean do you find that guy as entertaining as I do? He's such a throwback in some ways while also just playing his character so great.. In my eyes, he is a very valuable piece of the puzzle in TNA..

I think Spud is absolutely great. Outside of Spud, who is really being used as a manager? You have Zeb Colter and Lana, who are both excellent in their roles as well and then...? Sylvester LeForge? So, it's hard to decide someone else that deserves to be spotlighted when you don't have that many people performing in that type of role.

Do you think The Miz has finally found himself again with this new character? For someone who really found his groove and confidence, especially on the mic, in mid 2009 and climbed the ranks while showing great improvement up till 2011.. It seemed as if towards the end of 2011 up until this new character change, it was like he lost his confidence and "swag." I now find that he is back to doing very good promos and his matches have improved as of late as well.. Do you think we will now see him work his way back into the top mix like he was in 2010-2011?

It's possible. He's really putting his all into the character and I personally have found him a lot more intriguing as a heel since he's returned doing his Andy Kaufman-esque "Moneymaker" bit. His work has been really good and he's working hard. Hopefully everything works out for him.

I've been wondering, which ROH show had the biggest attendance in the company's history? Also, what was the attendance number? By the way I miss ROH on HDNet, what a "hidden gem" of a show that was a few years ago.. Just had to throw that out there, lol..

I don't know for sure, but I would guess the biggest attendance would either have been in Chicago Ridge, IL or the Hammerstein Ballroom.

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