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By Mike Johnson on 2014-08-29 10:00:00
My question is about the WWE Network and ComicCon. How come WWE didn't broadcast their ComicCon panel on the WWE Network? Don't you think that would have been a selling point for the network?

That is a great question. I don't know why WWE doesn't tape and air them, even in edited form. It's easy and free content for the Network that they would own outright.

There's probably not a logical answer, but if TNA was so ashamed that they still had Russo on the payroll that they fired him for revealing it, then why in the blue hell was Russo still on the payroll? Especially when they couldn't afford Styles, Daniels, Kazarian, Sabin, etc.?

I was told that Russo came to TNA looking for a job and they tried to help him out. Obviously, it didn't work out that well. If you ask TNA, they would tell you that it's not that they couldn't afford Styles, but that they felt they made him an offer that he decided not to take. They felt it was a fair offer, he decided it was not. TNA chose not to sign Kazarian and Daniels, so that was not a financial decision, but a creative one. Sabin had an offer on the table and turned it down, wanting to move on and do something different. I was told his reasons for exiting had nothing to do with what he was or wasn't offered.

I have to wonder if Chael Sonnen was just blowing smoke by saying that an exec at WWE called him. I don't see how WWE would have any interest in someone that has tested positive for HGH. I could see them contacting him after TNA, but never before.

Sonnen is extremely smart at getting attention for himself, so just by asking this question, you now know why he said what he said. I have no idea what a WWE official may or may not have told him.

I've got to say, I was really impressed with the Summerslam PPV, and extremely impressed with WWE RAW Monday night with the Dean Ambrose - Seth Rollins main event. It was absolutely awesome and reminded me a lot of the Attitude era in a sense. If this is Triple H's doing, then I sure as hell like what the WWE future holds. The Mark Henry - Rusev confrontation was awesome too. I love that John Cena was held off RAW to sell the beating he got from Lesnar. Lesnar looks like an absolute unstoppable monster. And looking at the roster, I'm not sure if anyone would look credible enough for Lesnar to take on, except for maybe Ryback. Could we see a renewed push for him back to the top?

Ryback vs. Lesnar? It's possible but I don't see them pushing Ryback as a single anytime soon. It's not outside of the realm of possibility as a few people backstage took notice of the big reaction Ryback received in Las Vegas last week on Raw. So after what may be the first top to bottom well written PPV in years [decades?] here we go right back to the same crap. Repeat matches on Monday, repeat main event on the next PPV, Paul Heyman had it right repeat-repeat-repeat. Why wouldn't they humanize Cena... month or two off, retraining, self doubt, a couple losses to Sandow and Ziggler etc. They could almost repeat the Daniel Bryan story as Cenea spends a long time working his way back. Do you think they left some big money on the table by going right back to Cena-Brock 3?

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