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By Larry Goodman on 2014-08-28 07:36:38
Paul Adams has resigned at promoter/booker of Southeastern Championship Wrestling. Adams informed project originator David Marquez of his decision the night before the August 16 taping at the Knoxville Civic Auditorium Ballroom, the company's third taping for FOX 43 in Knoxville.

Adams declined comment on the specifics of behind his departure and said he's assisting Marquez with the transition. Possible replacements mentioned by sources close the situation include Beau James, Devin Driscoll and Bill Behrens.

Marquez said the announced September 20 SECW taping in Knoxville would take place as scheduled with new leadership at the helm, although Marquez himself will not be present.

In theory, the company has enough footage to air fresh programs through that weekend, but nothing can be taken for granted given the snafus associated with the production and airing of SECW thus far.

The station mistakenly aired the second episode in the debut time slot on July 26. The second television taping came up way short on footage because the FOX 43 production crew lacked sufficient memory cards.

It should be noted that Adams is running a show at the Nashville Fairgrounds on September 6 featuring a number of SECW stars under the SECW banner. Adams said that event had received Marquez's blessing.

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