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By Stuart Carapola on 2014-08-27 20:52:42
Welcome to the Impact Wrestling Report here on!

We start off with a look back at last week's controversial finish in the #1 contender's match in Six Sides of Steel, and then we go to the Manhattan Center where Kurt Angle starts off the show! He runs down tonight's card as EC3 will take on Rhino, and then the Hardyz, the Wolves, and Team 3D will go at it in the first match of the tag title series. He says we don't have a #1 contender yet, but he'll work it out with both Eric Young and Bobby Roode later tonight, and he'll let us all know as soon as he's determined who the #1 contender is. Bobby Lashley interrupts with MVP and Kenny King, and MVP says that Angle's showing that being the boss isn't as easy as the people booking matches in under 140 characters think it is. MVP busts on the New York fans and calls them savages with no class and less dignity, but he knows they would all run if he called the cops to come in and flatten them more than Miley Cyrus' ass. He says Bobby Lashley is the King of New York, but then Tommy Dreamer comes out and says that MVP in the most underrated wrestler of the last decade, but he has a problem with his mouth. He says that Kenny King may be Mr. Las Vegas, but he's a sellout because he's from Queens. He then tells Lashley that he finally fulfilled the potential everyone knew he has, but he doesn't need to be a part of this thing with MVP. Kenny King shuts Dreamer up by attacking him and starting a brawl, but Kurt Angle comes down and says that since Lashley thinks he's the King of New York and Tommy Dreamer would beg to differ, he'll put them together in a New York City Streetfight later tonight! Lashley attacks Dreamer and the bell rings, so I guess we're starting our impromptu opener right now!

New York City Streetfight: TNA World Champion Bobby Lashley vs Tommy Dreamer

We're back, and Dreamer is beating the crap out of Lashley with a kendo stick until Lashley suplexes him on the floor and then just snaps the cane in half. Lashley atomic drops Dreamer onto the barricade, then brings him inside and rams shoulderblocks into Dreamer's ribs before catching him in a bearhug. Kenny King jumps onto the apron and holds Dreamer, but Dreamer moves and a shot from Lashley knocks him to the floor. Dreamer takes advantage of the opening and rams Lashley headfirst into a trashcan in the corner, then hits the DDT for 2. Lashley hits Dreamer with the spear and gets the win.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Good brawl, though not much drama with the outcome.

Madison Rayne is backstage and says Taryn Terrell's comeback has been great, but it's time for her to hear about why Madison Rayne is the Queen of the Knockouts Division. Everyone's royal tonight!

Gunner and Sam Shaw are in Gunner's place in Manhattan and Gunner compliments Shaw on his artwork. Shaw says he's real inspired because of the view of Central Park that Gunner has. Gunner must have the greatest contract in the history of TNA to afford a location like that. Gunner responds to a text and Shaw asks if it was Anderson, and Gunner says no, that's all water under the bridge. Gunner walks out and Shaw pauses for a moment, then gets up and grabs Gunner's phone out of his Marine uniform.

#1 Contender's Match: Madison Rayne vs Taryn Terrell

They go back and forth with a series of quick pinfall attempt right off the bell and get nowhere, so Madison tries a charge and misses, and goes sailing out to the floor. Taryn tries a dive and she misses as well, so Madison rolls her inside and covers for 2. They keep going back and forth with even Steven stuff until Taryn tweaks her back and Madison boots her in the face for 2. Taryn hits a rolling neckbreaker for 2, comes off the top rope with a crossbody for 2, and Madison cradles Terrell with her feet on the rope. The ref sees her and Madison gets so distracted trying to explain herself that Taryn hits a Stunner and covers for the win.

Winner: Taryn Terrell

Not a good match, real disjointed and had no flow to it, just one spot after another and they both seemed kind of lost out there.

Bobby Roode comes into Kurt Angle's office for THE TALK, and finds Eric Young inside. Eric says that no matter what the decision is...well, we don't find out what he was going to say because Angle comes into the office and kicks the camera crew out.

Gunner walks in on Sam Shaw wearing his Marine uniform and makes no bones that Shaw better take it off...or he will.

Homicide, DJ Z & Manik vs Low Ki, Crazzy Steve & Tigre Uno

Spot spot spot spot spot spot spot spot spot spot spot spot Low Ki pins Manik with the Ki Krusher.

Winners: Low Ki, Crazzy Steve & Tigre Uno

Bobby Roode, Eric Young, and Kurt Angle come out of Kurt's office and Kurt thanks both men for being pros. Angle says he'll announce the outcome of that meeting in just a little bit.

Rhino is backstage and says that money can't buy happiness, but after what he did last week, he bought a one way ticket to HELL.

Bobby Roode is in the ring and says that no clear cut winner came out of the #1 contender match last week, so Kurt Angle said the most fair thing to do would be to have another #1 contender match. This match will be one on one next week between himself and Eric Young. He calls Eric out to the ring and talks about all their history as a team and as opponents, and talks about how they tied last week and are now going to have to go to battle again next week. This time, it's for the right reason and the only reason they got into the business in the first place: for a shot at the TNA World Title. He knows he'll have to bring his best if he wants to beat Eric next week because there isn't a man on this planet that he respects more than Eric. Eric says he appreciates that and that there were people who never thought he'd be World Champion, but he became the fans' World Champion and it doesn't get any better than that. He has called Roode the best wrestler in the world for years now, but if anyone asks if Eric Young is as good as Roode, the answer is damn right he is, but next week, he'll be better. Roode says the only thing left to do is come out here next week, give it all they've got, and tear the roof off this bitch.

The Bromans are backstage pregaming on Tinder so they can have the most options when they go clubbing later. OK.

Ethan Carter III vs Rhino

Rhino rushes the ring and starts beating the crap out of EC3, taking him out of the ring and ramming him into the barricade over and over. EC3 gets the advantage when they go back in the ring, but Rhino comes back with a flying shoulderblock and a TKO. Spud grabs Rhino's leg to stop the Gore, allowing EC3 to step in and low blow Rhino for 2. Spud grabs Rhino's leg again and gets nailed this time, but EC3 gets a chair and nails Rhino and gets DQ'd.

Winner: Rhino by DQ

EC3 just beats the CRAP out of Rhino with the chair. I mean, those chairshots are LOUD! EC3 almost nails Spud when he tries to tell Ethan to calm down, but instead he gives Rhino one last big shot and walks off.

The Great Sanada will be revealed after this commercial break!

James Storm comes out and introduces himself as a legend and an introducer of a man who needed a rebirth and an awakening, and he introduces...THE GREAT SANADA! Sanada comes out with a dye job and painted up like Muta, and he'll get to show how this rebirth has gone against a recent rival...

The Great Sanada vs Austin Aries

They go to the mat pretty quickly and Sanda goes to the ropes when Aries goes for the Last Chancery. Storm sneers at Sanada, so he gets vicious and starts choking Aries before unloading with chops. Sanada continues looking to Storm for approval as he brutalizes Aries, but Aries uses the distraction to dump Sanada to the floor and take him out with the heat seeking missile. Aries goes for the brainbuster, but Sanada bites Aries' fingers and sends Aries crashing into the turnbuckle. Aries knocks Sanada off the top rope and goes for the 450, but Storm shakes the ropes to trip Aries up, then while the ref is distracted by Storm, Sanada blows green mist in Aries' face and nails him with a knockout kick for the win.

Winner: The Great Sanada

Interesting new direction to say the least.

We see a video package looking at the story of Sgt. Chris Melendez, who lost his left leg in Baghdad, and is now trying to fulfill his dream of becoming a professional wrestler. We then go to the ring where Kurt Angle introduces Chris, says that what he did at the Olympic Games pales in comparison to what Chris did for his country. Anderson says that as a former military himself, his favorite charity is Wounded Warrior, and when he got the call from Wounded Warrior, he said that he doesn't have a ring, but he knows two guys who do and are the best trainers in the business today (indicating Team 3D, who are in the ring with him). Bubba sat down with him at Coney Island and asked him his story, and Chris said this his two dreams in life were to serve in the front lines for his country, and to become a professional wrestler. Bubba offered to train Chris for free after the sacrifice he made for his country, and he's not trying to sound sappy, but this is one of the proudest moments of his career. Devon finishes by welcoming Chris Melendez to the TNA roster and raising his hand.

And with that in the books...IT'S MAIN EVENT TIME!

TNA World Tag Team Champions The Wolves vs Matt & Jeff Hardy vs Team 3D

Eddie and Bully Ray start off, and Bubba quickly gets caught in the Wolves corner and double teamed, though he fights through that pretty easily. Bubba lays in chops to Davey, but Davey fires back with kicks, and Eddie takes Devon out when he tries to come off the top and help Bubba out. Davey goes for the handspring enziguiri, but Bubba catches him and Team 3D hits the assisted neckbreaker for 2. The Hardys come in and Matt and Devon try to double clothesline Eddie, but Eddie ducks and they clothesline each other. Eddie boots Jeff off the apron, then ducks and sends Devon to the floor, but Jeff breaks up the backpack driver. The Wolves take Team 3D out with stereo dives to the floor, then the Wolves hit Poetry In Motion over the top rope and takes out both Wolves, and then Matt follows that up with a moonsault to the floor that takes out everyone. the Wolves catch Matt with a pair of head kicks and hit their finish, but Jeff breaks it up at 2. The Wolves nail Devon with the Alarm Clock and the double double stomp, but Bubba breaks up the pinfall attempt. Davey misses another double stomp attempt and Matt hits the Twist of Fate, then Jeff comes off the top rope with the Swanton. Eddie knocks Jeff to the floor and rolls Devon up for 2, but then Team 3D hits Eddie with the 3D for the win.

Winners: Team 3D

GREAT MATCH! Hell of a main event and great way to start the series off, topping off another great show.

Thanks for reading the Impact Wrestling Report, I'll be back tomorrow to discuss Impact and more with Dave Scherer on the Stu & Pid Show!

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