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By Mike Johnson on 2014-08-27 08:30:04
Kurt Angle cut a promo in the balcony welcoming everyone to TNA and said he put together a show that won't disappoint. He said that due to a photo finish, there is no number one contender yet but once he sits down with Bobby Roode and Eric Young to hash it out, they will have an announcement. MVP, Bobby Lashley and Kenny King came to the ring. MVP said he has lost so much respect for Angle for his pandering to all the NYC losers. MVP began ripping on NYC for having no class or dignity. He said if anyone wants to act tough, he can call the NYPD to give out chokeholds. He declared Lashley the King of NYC. Out came Tommy Dreamer who cut a promo on each of them. They cut Dreamer off and beat him down and tossed him out of the ring. Dreamer pulled out a Singapore Cane and returned to the ring. Angle declared they would have a NYC Streetfight.

*Dreamer vs. Lashley. Lashley controlled Dreamer who made a comeback with weapons shots. Lashley cut him off with a belly to belly onto the ramp with Dreamer landing roughly on the corner. Lashley trashed Dreamer on the floor then continued in the ring. Kenny King nailed Dreamer and held him for a spear but Dreamer moved and Kong was knocked off the apron. Dreamer creamed Lashley with some trash can shots and a DDT for a two count. He was caught coming off the ropes and speared for the pin.

*Low Ki & Crazzy Steve & Tigre Uno defeated Homicide & Manik & Homicide. Good athletic six man tag. Ki pinned Manik with the Ki Krusher.

*Rhino beat EC3. By DQ when he nailed a Rhino with a chair. EC3 left him laying.

*The Great Sanada, who James Storm introduced as the first of many who will under go a rebirth under his hand, defeated Austin Aries in a good match. Aries was on the top when Storm shook the ropes and crotched him, allowing Sanada to spew the green mist and kick him for the pin.

*Kurt Angle came out to introduce Chris Melendez. They brought out Team 3D and Mr. Anderson to welcome him. Melendez came it in his army uniform. Angle cut a promo and said that his Gold Medal pales in comparison to what Melendez did for his company. Anderson and 3D cut promos putting him over. They built up Melendez *Team 3D vs. The Wolves vs. The Hardys. They announced this as match one of a series. Great match with tons of hghspots and good athletic wrestling. Lots of great near falls with The Wolves and The Hardys after a nice series of dives. Team 3D wins with 3D on Eddie Edwards. For winning, they got to name the next stipulation, which was a Table Match. That will be tomorrow. Great stuff.

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