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By Dave Scherer on 2014-08-27 09:59:00

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I’m a little confused on Rey Mysterio’s status with the company (maybe everyone is) could you give any more insight into that? I had thought it might be an interesting angle to have him put his career against Brock, only to get squashed, hopefully making Brock stronger as a heel, but I have no idea what his status is.

He is out hurt, still. I think he would love to put his career on the line if it meant he could get out of it and go to work in Mexico. But honestly, squashing a tiny guy like Rey doesn't do anything for Brock in my opinion.

Now we have Joe has X-Division champ, and Aries and Low Ki amongst the top contenders, do you think they could attempt to recreate the glory days of the Joe / Daniels / Styles matches with the three of them?

They have the talent. They would just have to commit to the division.

I just watched SummerSlam on the WWE Network, and I absolutely loved Brock Lesnar completely decimating John Cena. However, I did have some concerns about the match, and those concerns had to do with the (according to the announcers) 16 German suplexes that Lesnar delivered. Some of these German suplexes, if not all of them, looked very stiff and very dangerous to me. A few of them had me cringe, as Brock more or less flung poor Cena back and more or less dropped him on his head and neck. Now, in a time when both piledrivers and chair shots to the head are discouraged by the WWE, shouldn't this move be as well? I get the fact that Lesnar was dead set on destroying Cena in this match, and it looked absolutely devastating, but am I not right that this move has a tremendous risk for serious injury and even paralysis? As lethal as the move looks, I think the move should be more or less banned. At least when someone as volatile as Lesnar wields it. You thoughts on this?

A German is a very safe move to take if the guy taking it knows how to get his head tucked, and Cena does. The brunt of the move is borne on the upper back.

Why do you think that WWE is "wimping out" Seth Rollins? I mean, he wins every match he's in, but never on his own, always with other's help? To me, it makes him look weak and cowardly. What do you think?

It is something that WWE has done for a long time, when a guy turns in either direction too often they change his persona. I don't get why, especially in the case of heels. Most of the time, WWE just feels the need to make a guy a coward when he turns. They think it better tells their good vs. evil story. I don't agree with them.

Has there ever been a worse prop in wrestling than the "Hollywood" cinder blocks from 8/18 Raw?

Sting's rubber bat? Hacksaw Duggan's foam 2 x 4? Shockmaster's helmet?

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