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By Dave Scherer on 2014-08-25 09:59:00

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Please Please tell me that with upcoming rematch between Lesnar & Cena that the match will be booked more competitive for Cena where he can at least get in some offense but with the outcome being the same result from SummerSlam. In my honest opinion Brock should keep the belt until Wrestlemania and than drop the belt to Roman Reigns or whom ever else is being primed for the top spot.

That is exactly how I think it should go. Cena puts in a much better effort but still loses, a closer match. Then he moves on to help elevated someone else while Lesnar gains momentum as a dominating champion. And if they want people to stay committed to the Network, they better not flip the Title back to Cena next month.

In reference to you question from yesterday where you said you would like to see Bully Ray come in and challenge Brock Lesnar, since WWE acts as if TNA doesn't even exist, would they have to explain why Bully is now a singles wrestler now and then build him up or would they let him step right in to a singles main event level? I'd love to see Brock vs Bully but WWE would probably drop the ball.

If he comes in and makes the right "statement" I think that would be enough, especially with all of the great footage from the past that they have of him. With the proper physical confrontation, it would get over in my opinion. Bully can most definitely hang with Brock. I would love to see them go at it.

Right now it seems like the natural main event for next year's WrestleMania is Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE title. But as much as the company has tried to de-emphasise Daniel Bryan since he went down with that neck injury, can you see history repeating itself on his return, with the "Yes" movement hijacking shows again and demanding Bryan faces Lesnar at the big event?

I don't know that I see it, but I don't not see it, if that makes sense. First, Bryan has to get healthy before we can even talk about it. If he can get back to 100 percent by the Rumble, then it could be an issue.

Mike said in Thursday's Q&A that he thought it was rushing things to give John Cena a rematch with Brock Lesnar already. I'm curious: if not Cena, who would you have put in with Brock at the next PPV?

I am with you, there is really no one else ready to step up and I always feel the champ deserves a rematch. It has bugged me since WrestleMania that Randy Orton didn't even lose the fall but lost his belt and didn't get the immediate rematch.

With TNA calling their shows part of their world tour why do they only go to Europe and the US do you ever see them coming to Canada, or is there a logical reason they do not come north?

I think if they could find someone to sponsor/promote/buy the tour they would be glad to go. They don't want to do all of that legwork themselves however.

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