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By Dave Scherer on 2014-08-24 09:59:00

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I was watching the new The Monday Night Wars begins show on the network, and in the piece where Eric starts mentioning the results of the WWF shows, Vince McMahon was complaining that they were getting screwed and WCW was stealing their wrestlers and viewers. I don't know why I haven't thought of this before, but isn't it kind of ironic that WWE was the one who was getting pillaged when 10 years prior they nearly killed off most of the territories by pillaging the rosters of multiple companies just to coin it off as their own creation? I would imagine Verne Gagne would have had a nice grin on his face seeing WCW do to WWF what the WWF did to the AWA.

That is so true. At the time, many people were saying it was karma coming back to get Vince McMahon!

Why didn't TNA promote their move to Wednesday night weeks in advance. Was it a last minute decision perhaps?

That is exactly why. It happened in the days leading up to the move!

Do you think what Hogan is doing and saying concerning Brock Lesner is legit or is this just something that he is doing to try and maybe get one last major payday for a match against Brock?

To me, it's just like what he did when he started lobbying for a match with Steve Austin a few years ago. Hogan likes to do that kind of stuff. Honestly for a 61 year old guy with a bad back and surgically repaired parts, I think wrestling Lesnar would be a pretty stupid move on his part. I could see him getting really, really hurt.

Do you think if Bully Ray signed back with the WWE he could do a match with Lesnar as his first go around? He is a Heyman guy and he could get over with the crowd as a face.

I would love to see those two go at. Bully would be a legitimate guy to mix it up with Brock, big, strong, tough and not afraid to get really physical. And yep, Paul Heyman as the conduit would be really cool.

Do you think Vince had John Cena lose the title to Brock Lesnar only to win it back at Night of Champions to tie and eventually pass Ric Flair's 16 time World Title status?

I don't think the 16 reigns is an issue that WWE considers when booking the product. They had Lesnar win to show the people that had WWE Network subscriptions expiring that change was happening with the product, to try and get them to renew for another six months. If they put the Title back on Cena next month, I think it would be a huge mistake because those people that auto-renewed for six months will feel burnt again. WWE had better consider that.

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