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By Mike Johnson on 2014-08-23 10:00:00
Do you think that the digital age has led to the demise to WWE Magazine? Thanks!

Absolutely, it was a major factor. When you look at the print media in general over the last decade, the online medium has been a major factor in its demise.

I recently watched The Ultimate Warrior: The Ultimate Collection on Netflix, and noticed during some matches that a banner was blurred for some reason. On the banner you could tell that it had the original WWF logo, which wasn't blurred anywhere else, and some wording underneath it. I believe it said "Generations of Wrestling" but I'm not sure. Either way, why was that banner blurred and not the rest?

I believe the banner that was blurred was "WWF Superstars of Wrestling." It is blurred as WWE doesn't own the trademark on that term.

How is Bobby Heenan doing these days?

I saw Heenan at the Mid-Atlantic Legends Fanfest in Charlotte, NC earlier this month and he was in good spirits and joking around with everyone. Obviously, his health has been a concern in recent years but he's still hanging in there.

I have never been back stage at a wrestling event. Do the wrestlers call each other by their real names or by their wresting names? Do they stay in character or do they act normal? What do they do to kill time when they are not on camera or on the show?

Usually, wrestlers call themselves by their public personas while at a show. It all depends on the person. I've seen guys remain in character to psych themselves up before they go out and sometimes after because they need to film additional material but for the most part, it's a group of competitors warming up for their matches, sometimes calling their matches and relaxing in the privacy of the room before they go out before the fans. It's usually a pretty loose, fun atmosphere if we are talking about an indy show or a house show. If it's a TV taping, it's usually a lot more serious as guys and gals are preparing for their segments.

I was just watching the CM Punk documentary, and it showed a match with himself and Brent Albright. I remember Albright work on Smackdown briefly w/ Benoit, but was then released. What was the story behind it? He seemed to be an excellent wrestler.

Unfortunately, the timing never seemed to be with Albright once he was brought up to the nain roster as Gunner Scott. WWE never seemed to find any traction for him and evetually he was released. He had a nice run in ROH before leaving the business to spend more time with his family.

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