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By Mike Johnson on 2014-08-22 10:00:00
So my question is, do you think the firing of Alberto Del Rio is a bit controversial? What I mean by that is if the said employee in fact said a racist joke, and refused to apologize then it's his problem that be got slapped? I mean I know there should never be any violence behind the scenes between wrestlers/company workers, but WWE goes around promoting BE A STAR and they have this stuff going on behind the scenes? What do you guys think about all that?

I think that the WWE employee should have been reprimanded. It's possible he was. If hewasn't, there is certainly something wrong about that. It's also important to remember we have no idea what his side of the story is. We've only heard one version. There are always two sides.

So we know John Cena and Nikki Bella are together (thanks to Total Divas) but my question is this...why isn't Cena coming out to help his girlfriend when she is getting beaten down? I mean he hasn't confronted HHH at all about the way Steph has been ganging up on Nikki and once HHH pinned Nikki with the table and allowed both Brie and Nikki to get pedigreed you would have thought Cena would have run down to save her. In fact Cena let's his partners and friends get beaten up a lot on the shows and never does anything to save them (ryder, ambrose etc.) Is he really a good guy?

Sure he is, but how can he help her when he's off making a movie?

The more I see the meeting of Hogan, Austin and the Rock at wrestlemania, the more I think Cena should have come out too. I get that he’d have been booed, I get that he is still active, I get he had a match later that night, but I STILL think he should have been there. I’m not even a fan of his. But he is the ‘guy’ from the last 10 years or so, did he deserve to be out there?

I'm not discrediting the man, but he is part of the present. They were there to represent the three biggest names of the past. John isn't at their level.

After watching the Dixie bump in slow-mo [and good for her for taking it], it seems that Bubba tried to protect her by taking table hit himself leaving her to bounce of his legs and then the ring. She was in the right position, arms crossed chin into her chest but the momentum pushed her straight back. Just goes to show there's a hell of a difference between 'scripted events' and 'fake', right?

It sure does, especially when the person taking her first bump broke two small bones in her back.

Would it be possible to send Mike undercover to get blood samples and DNA tests on Scott Steiner and Superstar Graham? Besides looking a lot alike they seem to share the same WWE insanity, perhaps father and son? Or just two dumb***es that fail to remember WWE fed their families for a lot of years.

I'll pass on that gig, but thanks...and just because someone worked somewhere for a number of years doesn't mean they had all great experiences. I am sure not every job you ever had was great...and neither was every job I ever had!

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