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By Mike Johnson on 2014-08-21 10:00:00
Based on how Lesnar destroyed Cena, wouldn't the ideal way for WWE tell this story be a slow build toward a Wrestlemania rematch? Not that I want Cena in that spot, but since you know he will ultimately beat Lesnar, would that be the best way to do it, after Lesnar destroys everyone else for the next seven months?

It certainly would be an interesting story - to have John Cena come back from absolute defeat to try and unseat Lesnar. It would force them to present Cena as more of a straight-forward athlete and not as much of a superheroic character. I don't know that it screams Wrestlemania main event, but I'd be for them going in that direction as a build to a rematch. Unfortunately, WWE has already announced the rematch will be next month, which I personally feel is rushing things, but we'll see how the story goes.

Please tell me WWE did not rehire Vince Russo again. Watching the Summerslam go-home RAW show, with the Claire Lynch-style angle and Cena's work-shoot, that's what I thought of. WWE isn't that dumb, are they?

Russo is not working for WWE.

Finally WWE has signed Kevin Steen. Something I think they're a year or two overdue on. With everyone being such a buzz about his signing including tweets from both Austin and the Rock, do you see WWE letting him keep his name to go along with the hype he seems to have going for him? I can't remember an indie star signing that got congratulatory shout outs from Austin, Rock, and Triple H all in the same day.

It's possible they will let him keep his name, but not likely. WWE likes to have full ownership of the trademarks and copyrights of their characters, but we'll see. CM Punk made it to the main roster as CM Punk. It does happen.

Did the WWE write themselves into a corner with Seth Rollins winning the MIB match? If Brock wins the title at Summerslam as expected and holds it until Wrestlemania, I can’t think of a scenario where Seth can cash in successfully or would even get a chance to try and cash it in.

They have until the next Money in the Bank for him to cash it in. They have tons of time to decide how to go forward with that storyline. No painting in the corner at all. After all, no one has ever tried to cash in at Wrestlemania....

Okay, I've read elsewhere that TNA had fairly poor ticket sales for the most recent set of Impact tapings in NYC. I read that they were having to move people closer to the ring so that it looked better on television and that they were giving away free tickets to people outside the Manhattan Center. However, Mike reported the other day that the third day of tapings was the highest selling taping from NYC yet. I absolutely trust PWInsider more than any other source out there. So is what they were saying true? Did TNA have a tough time selling tickets for the first two days?

I was at all three tapings and there was no sign of anyone being moved by TNA personnel or security in the venue. The Grand Ballroom is a small place and it would be easy to see it. It just didn't happen at any point I was in the venue and I was there very early to the end very end every night. Even when TNA had a monstrous taping that ran almost five hours on the final night, they didn't move fans as the place emptied out and quite honestly, they should have, but it didn't happen.

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