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By Dave Scherer on 2014-08-17 22:54:45

The panel is Renee Young, Kevin Riley, Booker T and Ric Flair.

Rob Van Dam took on Cesaro on the pre-show. I was really curious as to who would lose here since both guys have been doing a lot of it lately. Well, it was Cesaro. After they went back and forth and had a good match, they did a series of spots where both guys tried to do hit big moves and didn't do it. Finally, RVD hit the Five Star Frog Splash and got the win. It was a good match but I really have to question the finish.

Jake Tucker, who is Mama's Boy, appeared. He won the Tostino's gimmick. He is talking. He trained down at the Performance Center.

We will be hearing from Mama's Boy later.

Back to the pre-show match, I have no idea why WWE had a guy that was getting really, really over a few months lose to a part time guy. Cesaro could be money for them. I don't understand why they don't see that. Or rather why he doesn't see that.

Other than that, they pushed the matches for the show and tomorrow's Raw on USA.

The show opened with Hulk Hogan coming out and he put over the Network. $9.99, he thinks it's a great deal. He put over what the people would get over the next six months, to get folks to renew. Whatcha gonna do? WWE hopes you renew. Hey, I am a poet and I know it. Hogan went to the back, and we went to a commercial for SummerSlam.

The show opens wioth Cole telling us that 17,357 fans are here. Miz's intro plays, he and Dolph Ziggler will be opening the show.

Miz talked about the summer movies and heel "Drax The Destroyer" and "Hercules" by name. I wouldn't have gone down that road but OK. He is real, not CGI. He is going to make Dolph like the LA Lakers, a loser. For some reason, I heard Miz's intro again. Weird. ... They showed the Spanish and German announce teams. Apparently the Germans were saying they won the World Cup. At least, that is what JBL said. Maria Menuonous is there. They talked about the Ice Bucket Challenge and how HHH, Vince and Maria did it (and so did yours truly). Now the match is on.

Zig was in control early until Miz reversed him and whipped him into the corner. Miz then went to work on Dolph as the fans chanted "You can't wrestle" at Miz. ... Dolph made a comback and got a two count with a neckbreaker. He went fot a Fameasser but Miz threw him out. Dolph skinned the cat and they went back and forth. Dolph hit Sweet Chin Music and the announcers chose not to call it. The fans got behind Zig. Miz tried to take a powder but Zig stopped him. Miz hit the Figure Four in the middle of the ring. Dolph went for the ropes but Miz pulled him back to the middle. Zig got to the ropes but Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale. Zig kicked out! Miz was shocked. Miz went for a kick but Zig ducked it, hit The Zig Zag and won the Intercontinental Title! Very good match to start the show. I hope it means Dolph is about to get the push he deserves. The fans were happy with the finish.

They recapped the Steph-Brie feud. Brie then did a promo about how she didn't throw a pity party when she was in jail. She thought about how Steph screwed her, Daniel and Bryan. She is gonna take out that She Beast because that is what is best for business. AJ Lee vs. Paige is up next.

Paige came out first. They then recapped the story between Paige and AJ. Back in the ring, Paige is skipping to mock AJ. AJ came out and the fans chanted for her husband. Paige extended her hand and AJ bit it. AJ went to the floor and blasted Paige's head into the table. But back in the ring, Paige came back. For a second before AJ got on her shoulders but Paige dumped her face first into the barricade. Paige skipped and mocked AJ. Then she pulled out some of AJ's hair and dropped it on her. ... AJ came back and did a full body attack splash from the top turnbuckle onto Paige when she was on the floor. ... Back in the ring, Paige took control again but AJ turned it into the Black Widow. Paige countered with a Rampage DDT. New champion! I am two for two on calling Title changes so far. Solid match and it lets them have the chance to push Paige better than they did on first run.

They aired the Sting orchestra promo for the new video game. They came back and they showed a fan with a Sting mask on.

The flag match between Rusev and Jack Swagger is next.

Lana put over Putin. She said Hollywood is what is wrong with America. Rusev is the cold hard fist of reality, not Hollywood fantasy land. ... A color guard came out. The fans chanted USA. Jack Swagger came out with Zeb, to a good pop. There were a lot of We The People chants. Swagger was waving the US flag before the match when Rusev attacked. Swagger came back and put on the Patriot Lock but the match hasn't even started yet. The ref broke them up as Lana went nuts. Rusev was in the corner selling the ankle. The bell rang and the match was on. Swagger went to work on the ankle. Rusev sold it as if he couldn't walk on it. Rusev kept trying to get away and Swagger wouldn't let it happen. Rusev went outside and Swagger blasted him with a clothesline. Swagger went for a splash but Rusev got the knees up into the injured ribs. Now they are both working "hurt". ... Rusev was in control, hitting kicks, headbutts and power moves on Swagger. ... Swagger tried to come back with a belly to belly but the ribs gave out on him. So Rusev stayed in control. At least until Swagger hit a belly to belly, which made even JBL say "get him Jack". Swagger got a boot to the face of Rusev as he was coming out the corner. Swagger went for the Swagger Bomb and got a two. They sold that he should have gone for the hurt ankle. ... Swagger ran into an elbow but caught a kick and went for the Patriot lock. Rusev got out but got nailed with a scoop slam for two. Ruzev nailed a kick to the ribs, then the head. Swagger is down. Lama said finish it. Rusev stomped his back and went for the Accolade but his ankle gave out. He tried a modified version but it wasn't fully locked in. Swagger fought to power out, did and put on the Patriot Lock. Rusev fought. He went for the rope but Swagger pulled him back. Rusev managed to roll onto his back. Rusev broke it with a shot to the head. Rusev hit a jumping splash and locked on the Accolade. Swagger fought and wouldn't give up. Instead, he passed out. PERFECT FINISH! Loved it. Rusev wins and Swagger gets over by the win. Excellent, excellent match. Swagger worked his ass off and Rusev is gold. They have something really big in him.

After the match Rusev laid out Zeb with a big kick. Rusev waived the flag and his big flag came down from the roof. The first hour of this show was really, really good.

Hour one ended with a recap of the Dean Ambrose-Seth Rollins feud. The Lumberjack match is next.

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