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By Dave Scherer on 2014-08-20 09:59:00

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If the Spike deal falls through and TNA has to close shop, do you see WWE even considering buying any contracts from them? I really feel like guys like Joe and Aries could go a long way in WWE. With Taker close to retiring, Abyss could be that perfect replacement as the new monster of WWE. Your thoughts?

WWE won't have to buy out TNA contracts. If they go out of business, the contracts die with them and WWE could then negotiate with whoever they want to. Also, keep in mind that Aries and Samoa Joe were both out of contract with TNA before and WWE didn't sign them.

Does anyone know the relationship between Jeff Jarrett and Spike TV? If Spike TV doesn't renew their contact with TNA is it possible that Jeff Jarrett new promotion could take TNA spot? Or do you think Spike TV will give up on pro wrestling?

Right now, Jarrett doesn't really even have a tangible product. It is all in the planning stages. Until he actually produces some shows, it's hard to say what will happen. Obviously, if Spike made a good offer he would take it, but I tend to think they wouldn't want an unknown on in their prime time slots.

Will the the faster than expected global launch of WWE Network coming soon does this mean they will take an overall subscription number and say they now have more than 1 million subscribers that they break even by end of 2014? Or was the 1 million by end of 14 to break even just the United States?

I honestly don't know. I am very curious when WWE does the third quarter conference call if they will break down subscriber numbers by region, as they do with PPV buys. And who is to say they will get to one million. We have to see what happens when the initial six month commitments expire later this month.

Why on Earth didn't WWE help promote "Guardians of the Galaxy"? I know Batista "quit" in storyline, but considering the huge mainstream appeal the film has (especially now that it's a huge moneymaker), I'd imagine that the announcers would at least mention it in passing. After all, the company promoted The Rock's films early in his acting career when he wasn't an active member of the roster.

WWE was earning money off of The Rock name back then. Guardians didn't offer to pay WWE for promotions (since they didn't need it) so WWE didn't push the movie. It's all about money.

During episode number 457 of Damien Sandow being forced to make an ass of himself– this time as an Oklahoma Sooner– there was no shortage of thinly veiled jabs at Jim Ross' expense by the announcers, even Jerry Lawler. Seriously? Is Vince McMahon that petty to make them say those things?

Vince thinks it's just joking when he does that. Not my idea of being a friend, but we are all different.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.

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