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By Dave Scherer on 2014-08-17 10:47:10

Where the new TV deal for Impact is concerned, there is nothing new to report. UTA is still working on a getting a new deal for the show. Impact moves to Wednesday nights next week and that has people wondering if that means there is a commitment from Spike TV to TNA but at this point there is no indication one way or the other. On the one hand, since there are only six episodes left on the current deal it would certainly seem that Spike is trying to establish a new night for the broadcast as it goes forward. Given that NFL football starts in a few weeks, the last four episodes of Impact would have gone up against them in September when the Thursday night schedule starts. As usual, the opening game of the season will be on NBC on September 4 and then the the new deal with CBS kicks in to air the rest of the September games on their network. The primary reason that Impact was moved was to get away from football, as well as the potential move of Smackdown to Thursday nights. But in pretty much every case of a show changing nights, audience is lost early on as they forget to tune in on the new night. If Spike was running out the string with Impact it would seem the best move would just be to leave it in its old spot and burn out the last four episodes, taking whatever audience that they can get, rather than changing nights with so little product left to air. Whatever the case, it's getting down to the wire with Impact and their TV situation. They need to get something done, and soon.

The Nation has a really, really interesting interview with MVP where they talk to him about going to Ferguson, MO to witness first hand the situation between police and the residents. It's a good read, which you can do by clicking here.

George Hermoza sent this link, which goes to an interview that former TNA announcers Todd Keneley for The Kris Kloss Show.

In case you missed it from our live event report, Kurt Angle took the Ice Bucket Challenge last night at the show in Washington, PA. Only, he added milk to his bucket. He challenged Wayne Brady, Dixie Carter and Jon Bernthal to do it.

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