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By Dave Scherer on 2014-08-17 09:59:00

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With chatter that Smackdown is moving back to Thursday nights in 2015, do you have any idea, if Smackdown is moved, what night NXT will be moved to?

Wednesday seems like the most like spot to me if that were to happen.

How would you book Kevin Steen? Do you see him becoming a big deal or is he doomed to the fate of Sin Cara and Del Rio?

Steen can go, that's for sure. WWE generally doesn't do super long matches so that probably won't be what they use him for. But he can also talk and has some charisma. The one negative about him, from the WWE point of view, is his look. If he doesn't hone his look to be more "WWE friendly" I think it could work against him if he gets up to the main roster. With that said, they have found a unique character for Bray Wyatt so hopefully they can for Steen too.

What happened to Knux and The Menagerie? They had a big build up with the vignettes, then a grand arrival, then went on a losing streak. Only Crazzy (sic) Steve seems to have got over, and I don't recall him winning a match yet. Surely they didn't go to all the trouble of creating this stable and a back story to dump them in the crapper did they??

TNA was going to New York City and The Menagerie wasn't really getting over, so they were deemphasized. Honestly, if they did that stuff in NYC the crowd would have buried it. They made the right call to dial them back.

Wouldn't Ricardo Rodriguez or Alberto del Rio violate their WWE contract by appearing live on AAA's iPPV? Or are iPPVs not a part of WWE's contracts?

It all depends. If a talent is under their 90 day deal, where they are getting paid still, there is no reason they can't be a guest in the crowd, as Brock Lesnar was in Japan a few years ago. But if they appear in the ring? Yeah that is a problem if WWE didn't give them permission to do so.

Do you feel the product overall with WWE has not been the same since early June? After a great first half of 2014, to me it just hasn't been nearly as good the last couple of months. Between Daniel Bryan being gone and forgotten about, the Shield break up, Cesaro not doing much, and John Cena being champ again it just has that eh feel again. I felt like the Shield still had a good run in them as kick ass baby faces. But it now it seems as if Roman Reigns is missing something. Rollins is just the authority puppet, and Ambrose while the character is great, wearing jeans and a tank top and acting crazy seems like he could be stuck in the mid card after this feud is over. That's just to mention a few names.

I have said many times on audio that WWE has dropped the ball with the momentum that they had going into Mania, so I would agree with everything you said except the statement about Reigns and Ambrose.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.

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