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By Kris Zellner on 2014-08-14 22:44:14
Alberto del Rio and AAA President Joaquin Roldan held a press conference today in Mexico City with Hugo Savinovich being the host.

ADR said that AAA is his new home where he plans on staying for the immediate future. ADR did say that he would no longer use that name in particular saying that WWE owns the trademark to that name and that he will now use "El Patron" which was used as a nickname by Ricardo Rodriguez during his ring introductions in the past and on the Spanish commentary.

El Patron said that he won't be able to wrestle in AAA for the at least 90 days but he is trying his best to get his lawyers to get an injunction to allow him to wrestle at Triplemania XXII on Sunday, which of course is to get heat on WWE for not letting him work.

El Patron said that when he is able to compete in AAA that he wants to face whoever is the AAA Mega Heavyweight Champion and called out Hijo del Texano specifically so it looks like he will be a tecnico.

El Patron was asked about the details regarding his firing by WWE and he said that he couldn't talk about it due to legal issues but said that he would talk about it more in a couple of weeks.

El Patron was also asked about the rumors of Rey Misterio Jr. being unhappy in WWE and wanting to return to AAA and he said that he doesn't really know about that situation which is where Joaquin Roldan stepped in and said that Misterio is still under contract with WWE and as long as that is the case then AAA will not tamper with him but if something would happen down the road then he would be open to him returning to promotion.

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