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By Mike Johnson on 2014-08-12 13:26:52 featured a piece today on an upcoming documentary on the 30th anniversary of the Fabulous Freebirds' theme song "Badstreet, USA."

The documentary, titled, "Back on Backstreet" will be directed by Keith Alcorn, creator of the Nickelodeon animated character "Jimmy Neutron" and will feature a look at the writing and recording of the song as well as the Dallas wrestling scene that spawned it.

James Papa, who co-wrote the song with Michael Hayes, has provided never before seen footage from the recording and the time period from his archives for the film, which will be released this November.

As we've noted here on, Papa sued WWE and others last year for their usage of WCW theme songs he co-wrote as well as "Badstreet." While the lawsuit was dismissed, Papa in the article noted that they are still negotiating the settlement, which will include WWE promoting the documentary.

Papa noted, "“A lot of these things [in the settlement] are tied to future plans with ‘Badstreet U.S.A.’ and how it’s going to be used in a lot of different arenas I don’t have control of,” says Papa. “But I haven’t had control of it for the last several years. Might as well get it under contract. But I didn’t know the movie was gonna be this funny. I had no idea. It’s really funny. I’m not being biased, because I didn’t write it. It’s a pretty easy thing to make fun of. We’re not making fun of wrestling. We’re making fun of the characters, including me, who put this crazy thing together. That’s what this story’s about — the music and putting the three Freebirds in a van with me the day we met and rolling down the highway to Gilmer, Texas."

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