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By Andru Edwards on 2014-08-11 23:21:15

After Raw went odd the air, John Cena took the mic and said the party wasn't over and that we can't party without cake. Titus O'Neil and Heath Slater come down the aisle with a small cake for Hogan, and accidentally drop it. Titus then smashes it all over Heath, and Heath returns the favor.

Mean Gene says plan B is that there is another, bigger cake. They bring that into the ring, but almost drop it and recover to cheers. The candles on the cake are 999, which Cena says is the price of the WWE Network.

Then the crowd sings happy birthday.

Hogan makes a wish and then blows out the candles to cheers. Cena then says it's Hogan's night and everyone clears the ring leaving Hogan in there to take us home.

Red and yellow confetti and balloons fall!

Hogan music plays, and gets interrupted by Vince McMahon's! Vince makes his way to the ring and gives Hogan a hug.

He raises Hogan's arm to the audience to more cheers, and then fairly quickly leaves the ring and heads to the back so Hogan can take in the cheers.

Note from Dave: All of the above aired on The WWE Network except Vince appearing.

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