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By Dave Scherer on 2014-08-13 09:59:00

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Regarding talk about WWE bringing back Tough Enough via the WWE Network, what would your take be if it was done as "Tough Enough - The Next Big Thing" with Paul Heyman as the host, bringing a new dimension to the show. Having Heyman there would probably guarantee that whoever won would get over... would be the Next Big Thing. What do you think?

I would love Heyman hosting it, given his pedigree with finding and developing talent. He is a master at that.

Maybe I missed it, but did the Authority explain why they're willing to go through Plans A, B and C in order to get the belt off John Cena? If they're all about what's "best for business," I don't get why they wouldn't want their biggest star and top merch seller to be the face of their company - this seems to run totally contrary to why they wanted to undermine Daniel Bryan as champion.

You didn't. It was pretty much John Cena stood up to them and made them mad, so he must be destroyed. Basically, they are heels which means in WWE they don't have to explain themselves.

Do you think there will come a tipping point for HHH and Stephanie being on TV too much? Personally this is the main reason I stopped watching after Wrestlemania - they are on TV waaaay too much. From the divas to the world title picture, from the Shield to Vickie Guerrero, to even Damien Sandow, the Authority has been a part of pretty much every story line. Do you think they'll scale themselves back before it's too late?

I think that happens pretty much all the time with authority figures, especially when they don't wrestle. It just tells the same story over and over. It was different with Steve Austin and Vince McMahon because Austin got over on Vince a lot. It's a different dynamic now. I have always been a proponent of less is more where authority figures are concerned. I like to see the wrestlers make their own scenarios.

Bad News Barrett has promised to challenge whomever the intercontinental champion is when he returns. Seeing that the Miz is likely to be champion around this time and the fact that he plays his heel character so well, is it possible that Barrett returns as a babyface? If so, do you think his character would still work?

He was getting babyface pops before he got hurt and he could definitely work as a face, provided they let him do the same things he was doing as a heel, work as a tough, ass kicker. And he would get cheered for sure against Miz.

I subscribed to the WWE Network on the first day they began offering it and to this day I have only signed on a handful of times. The value is definitely there if only for the pay per views alone. Legends House was mildly entertaining and dabbling into old shows is ok too but the whole thing just hits me a little off though. All of the old Raw and Nitro, and such episodes are there but there is not any context . People love the nostalgia but wouldn't be better if they started at the beginning with each of these shows and re-present them in chronological order? It would add a sense of order to things and add a fun time warp feel to things.

I agree for sure. To me, I would have started at the beginning with everything and promoted it that way, led the viewer. There is talk that they will do that when The Monday Night War starts next month.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.

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