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By Dave Scherer on 2014-08-12 09:59:00

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First off I love your style of reporting and calling it straight up. I have been a WWE fan from their early days and it is true that Vince tends to recycle a great deal (even when he shouldn't) though another Cena/Lesnar match does not intrigue me. In the back of my creative mind WWE fans love redemption storylines. I was wondering what would you think of a scenario at Summerslam and Lesnar had Cena down for the 3 count. 1...2...lights go out and BONG...BONG... lights come on and there is Taker with a revenge chokeslam to cost Lesnar the title. No big physicality thing for Taker, he gets his revenge, and we don't have a part time WWE champion. I may not agree with Cena being champ with Bryan injured but I believe in part timers in the top spot less. The guys right on the cusp or who given a chance to shine should be allowed at least the chance to carry the ball. Taking nothing away from them you know you need some kind of jolt when Stephanie/Brie is kicking the guys ass two weeks in a row. I believe in girl power being a girl and all myself. Thoughts??? Keep up the great work and thanks for reading my question.

The only problem there is that you would be replacing one part time champion with another one. Taker doesn't want to work full time any more and we don't even know what his current condition is after getting very banged up at Mania. I agree with you in that I don't like a part time champion either so if they make the switch to Brock, hopefully they have made a deal for him to work more dates.

How many days a week do announcers like Michael Cole and John Layfield work? The reason I ask is that JBL mentioned on air that he lives in Bermuda. Does he fly home from the RAW tapings each week? How many "off days" do they get to enjoy before they're back on a plane?

Generally, they come into town either Sunday night for Raw and then go home after Smackdown on Tuesday night. PPV weeks, they come in a day early. I know Cole has a studio in his home and I believe he is still has other duties, such as, outside of announcing.

I just checked TNA's site under Television. It states they are shown in 100 countries. If they seen in that many countries or even 1/2 that amount, how is it they are not a profitable company? They must receive something for allowing networks in foreign markets to show their product.

First it should be said that TNA's financial situation isn't as matter of fact as people make it out to be. They are private company, which means they don't make their financial information public. People can use second hand information to speculate on their profitability, but only the officers of the company know for sure what the status is. With that said, it costs money to create television and they don't make much in the other areas of the business beyond TV rights, so the money that they get there carries the company. If they were doing big crowds at house shows and generating a lot of revenue on PPV, it would be a different situation.

Could you see WWE inducting Hayabusa into the HOF? I know that he never officially wrestled for the company, but he's an absolute inspiration. He's a hero in Japan and can be compared to Ultimo Dragon. They have to respect his accomplishments and his contribution to the sport. Also, he stepped into an ECW ring and took on RVD and Sabu, so that should count, right? Your thoughts?

Under the right circumstances, sure. He could be the opening or second from the bottom guy (and that isn't a slight to him personally but rather what they would have to do since most fans won't know him).

While I have no problem with Brock Lesnar winning the title at Summer Slam he's only booked to show up for I believe 2 shows, one the night after and the other before Night of Champions. Do you think a Plan D will be enacted where Lesnar wins the belt and Triple H comes out to congratulate him only to pedigree him and have Seth Rollins cash in the briefcase, after Kane takes care of Dean Ambrose to avoid interruption, that way there's an active wrestler with the belt and not a part timer who can't/won't show up?

It is possible but I would really hate it. WWE needs to make new guys. Rollins is a heel and it's OK to cheat to win, but most of the time when the Title is just given to a guy it doesn't get him over. They need to get new talent over at the top, in the worst way.

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