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By Dave Scherer on 2014-08-11 09:59:00

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Something just doesn't seem right. What's your take on this ADR situation? I mean, there are many wrestlers who have done a lot worse than what has been mentioned about this incident, and they are still on the roster. So why fire Alberto Del Rio? It doesn't make sense to me, even in WWE-world.

When you get into an altercation with a non-wrestler, that will be taken seriously by the company, as it should be. From what we were told, that is what happened as he had an incident with someone were told is WWE's Social Media manager. With that said, there has been talk for a while now that ADR was not happy with how he was being used and that he would be leaving when his contract expired, so it's understandable that WWE wouldn't really mind parting ways.

Who was Sir William from WCW? The gentleman who accompanied Stephen Regal to the ring.

That was the great Superstar Bill Dundee, who spent most of his career working in the Memphis territory.

Just got to watch Monday Night Raw, the Cena-Lesnar video package was out of this world! With that said Brock said just about what everyone is thinking as it pertains to Cena. Your thoughts on the video package?

It was great. I loved Brock, he was awesome and indeed say what many wanted to hear. And for once, a guy got to really shoot on Cena and not have his heat immediately taken away. I hope they continue that momentum tonight.

Regarding the Stephanie McMahon-Brie Bella angle why didn't Brie stipulate that in order to drop charges against Stephanie that Bryan would get a title match whenever he came back?

Because it's a work, not a shoot, and that isn't what Creative wanted to do. I agree, it would have been cool, but they chose not to go that way.

If Hulk Hogan is absolutely 100% dead set about returning to the ring, at this point in his career i'm wondering what kind of match would you expect from him, and against which opponent? And do you think he has 1 last legdrop in him? Sure him vs. Cena sounds nice, but I don't see Hulk doing a 20+ minute match at this point, I don't see Cena losing, and I don't see Hulk coming back to be squashed in less than 5 minutes. So what other options is there?

He will be 61, at least, if he wrestles again. Honestly, there is not much left in the tank IMO. I would not put him in there with a younger guy like Cena and if I did, Hogan would have to lose. Now maybe they could have him tag with Cena, that would make more sense since he wouldn't have to carry the load himself. However they use him, they better consider all of the variables, such as age, surgically replaced parts, etc.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.

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