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By Mike Johnson on 2014-08-16 10:00:00
A few friends and I were discussing big names that seem to have been forgotten. What happened to Ahmed Johnson? He is never mentioned.

Every now and then, Johnson pops up at a wrestling convention but is retired and living in Texas I believe.

I took your Elite audio suggestion from last week, and I watched the cage match between Bob Backlund and Stan Hansen on the WWE Network. Holy hell was that a fight!! Totally not what I was expecting from Backlund. It was the classic case of "two men enter, one man leaves." I wish the storylines of today felt as real as this. Everything in the WWE except for Ambrose/Rollins and Paige/AJ seems like just a couple of guys that kinda have a problem with each other. What do you think it will take for the WWE to increase the intensity of its storylines?

I don't know. I think the difference is now they have to keep a lot of licensees and partners happy when back then, they were just "putting on a show" and it was a simpler time. I love when wrestling has that sort of intensity to it, so hopefully we will see more of it from time to time. I do believe that guys have been working a more snug, aggressive style of late within WWE, although nothing at the level of Backlund vs. Hansen!

Do you think Rusev and Lana going to be the next Mohammed Hassan with the plane being shot down over the Ukraine? The PC police killed that character a few years back. WWE isn't the same as even a decade ago so it'll be a bummer if they buckle. He's got such potential to be a white hot heel if they keep it going. Don't get me wrong it sucks what happened in real life, but he's too good to drop. Just wondering what you think they'll do?

WWE immediately addressed allegations they were trying to play off of the plane being attacked. I think they toned Lana down a little to be safe, but no one has told me that. I think the future is still bright for the characters and as I've said on Elite audio, I'd be shocked to see Rusev lose to anyone before he's working main events against the likes of John Cena.

What ever happened to Cyrus of ECW? I heard he was an intelligent guy and an entrepreneur. I always enjoyed his mic skills.

Don Callis left the wrestling business in 2004 when he departed TNA. He made an appearance a year later doing commentary at the first Hardcore Homecoming event but unfortunately, the sound was screwed up and the commentary was lost, so his actual final wrestling commentary appearance was lost. He is currently the President, CEO and Executive Director of the Manitoba Trade and Investment Corporation.

Do you see wwe allowing CM Punk to make one final apperance on WWE TV to say goodbye? And what do you think about some where down the road, CM Punk joining WWE Creative?

I don't think any of that is going to happen, ever.

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