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By Mike Johnson on 2014-08-15 10:00:00

WWE aired their WrestleMania 30 special on NBC tonight, and for some odd reason, there was not a single commerical or mention that SummerSlam is coming up on 8/17 or that WWE has launched its own network. Why?

My guess is that NBC did not want the special used as a commercial platform for WWE's other ventures.

what do you think the likelihood of Vince making any overture to Dixie Carter to make a broadcasting deal for his network? I imagine given his network's current numbers, do you think for once he let them do their thing or would he have to control their product?

WWE isn't going to offer TNA any time on their Network.

What do you think the likelihood of the network airing their other ventures like the XFL or past films their superstars were involved in like "They Live," "No Holds Barred," any Dwayne Johnson film, or even WWE Films? What about Olympic or amateur wrestling?

I think we'll see WWE Studios films eventually and I can see WWE licensing other material down the line as well.

The Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E faction seems to be some what decent thus far. Is the stable supposed to gain new members eventually, or is this just a new tag team?

I think it was supposed to be a new stable but given how WWE has used them so far, I don't think there was a strong plan going into the creation of the group.

Obviously you guys have reported extensively that Undertaker losing to Lesnar was planned (at the last minute), but what do you make of Ted Dibiase's comments about the ending and him citing an internal source saying that UT was out cold and not supposed to lose? Is there a possibility that WWE stating that ending The Streak was planned was a way to cover their asses an unintentional finish?

DiBiase is mistaken.

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