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By Dave Scherer on 2014-08-10 09:59:00

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I've been an avid wrestling fan since the early 80's and noticed that it's been pretty much a big man's world in the US promotions versus the European/Asian promotions where cruiserweights (200-230) tend to get more top billing. With WWE signing Prince Devitt and Kenta, is it possible that they're looking to go back to this division as a bankable commodity? That division had exceptional performers like Guerrero, Van Dam, Jericho. Do you think they'll try that experiment again ?

No, but I think those guys have a chance to be pushed at the top. CM Punk wasn't huge. Either is Daniel Bryan. WWE has shown that guys don't have to be total monster size to get a push. Hopefully the guys you mentioned get their chance to show what they can do. I don't think they would have made the effort to bring them if they weren't going to give them a chance.

Regarding TNA: Bully puts Dixie Carter thru a table. Ok, great. Tenay and Taz are making it sound like someone thru a bucket of water on the wicked witch and killed her. Is there a payoff to this? Does TNA's direction totally change? I get that is a big spot and everyone in real life thinks Dixie has damaged her own organization. But, what happens 2-3 weeks from now and Dixie is still in charge and nothing has really changed?

If you read the spoilers, you can answer your own question. Don't be so cynical!

Summer Slam - Brock Lesnar vs John Cena. Is there any chance the following scenario plays out: Brock beats Cena for the title. Brock somehow becomes incapacitated after the match. Seth Rollins cashes in on Brock Lesnar. Huge upset to sell the WWE Network.

It's possible I guess but I think it's a mistake. Rollins has not been built up enough yet for that to really resonate.

So it was recently discussed that Cena never shows vulnerability. But back in the day I was always frustrated that Triple won championship after championship, usually by means of outside interference and or use of the damn sledgehammer. Was anyone else fed up with it? It seemed like a case of nepotism as well. Also when are people going to realize Cena is just doing his job, it's not up to him to always win. Same goes for Orton, it seemed like he was always winning too.

Triple H did win a lot that way, and yes it rubbed some people the wrong way, but that is how he was booked.

I saw the Terry Funk vs. Sabu barbed wire match on this day in history and a question I have always had about it is was the plan for Sabu to win the match and title. It looked like they were so tangled in the barbed wire that there was no choice but to count the 3 and do the title change. That match was unbelievable.

The match was definitely supposed to go longer but they had no choice but to take it home when they couldn't get apart. That was the planned finish. What an incredible match that was.

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