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By Mike Johnson on 2014-08-09 10:00:13
Regarding Alberto Del Rio: Obviously there is TNA interest, but my first thought was that he might want to go to the new AAA project, where he could probably step right into a main event role when they begin taping. I have no idea what each entity would be able to offer him, but does TNA seem like the more likely landing spot?

It all depends on what ADR wants for his future. TNA woul give him more of an awareness amongst fans in the States. AAA, currently, is only set for eight episodes on The El Rey Network, so that project doesn't seem to be as high profile.

Why is it WWE runs the exact same matches at every house show? Wouldn't these events be the perfect place to shuffle the deck, get new talent to work in a main event level and for talents to experiment with their own boundaries as well as move sets?

WWE does it so talents can perfect spots and matches before PPVs and to make it easier to promote the tours and easier for everyone working the shows by simplifying things.

Did I really see John Cena say he's on every show, every night on an episode of Raw he wasn't actually at?

Yes you did, but he did "bring it via satellite."

Whatever happened to Tony Mamaluke?

He's retired and gone into law enforcement in New York City.

TNA announced Dixie Carter broke her back - was that legit?

Yes. Carter broke two small bones in her back. We reported that the day after the bump was filmed.

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