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By Mike Johnson on 2014-08-07 20:09:42

*Xplosion: TNA Knockouts champion Gail Kim pinned Brittany.

*Austin Aries defeated Knux. Very good match with Knux showing some nice work. Aries hit a nice dive. Aries scored the win with the brain buster. Aries showed him respect after the match and they hugged.

*Impact Wrestling:

September 11th Opening: They retailed the opening, this time with the Armed Forces flying the flags and the national anthem was played. Christopher Melendez' debut was then re-taped as he beat DJ Zema Ion.

September 18th

*Bobby Roode cut a promo, saying there isn't a better feeling than to be in front of the fans in NYC as the number one contender for the TNA championship. He praised Eric Young for pushing him as hard as he has as a partner or opponent and thanked him for that. He said he's going to regain the title next week. Out came TN champ Lashley, MVP and Kenny King. MVP said every hero needs to overcome obstacles before he wins and lives happily ever after, but this isn't a movie. He said the reality is he's going to lose and he won't get the girl, the title or the win. He said Roode's future is a hospital stay. Roode said that when he looks in MVP's eyes he sees fear and doubt but he doesn't see any in Lashley's eyes. He said that Lashley knows he can beat and destroy him but he knows that he can beat Lashley. He said Lashley is bigger and stronger but his heart is stronger and his passion for wrestling trumps Lashley and there's nothing hither can do about that. MVP's crew attacked him, Samoa Joe and Eric Young made the save and chased them off. Joe said they are confident when it's three on one and challenged them to a six man tag.

*Bobby Roode & Samoa Joe & Eric Young defeated TNA champ Bobby Lashley & MVP & Kenny King. Real good back and forth six man tag.

* The Bromans and Velvet Sky defeated Rebel & Crazzy Steve & Knux.

*Kurt Angle called out EC3. He was angry about Dixie being out through a table and said that if Angle isn't going to do anything about it, he's going to inflict vigilante justice. He told Angle that he knows what he is capable of and if his demands aren't met, he will take Kurt Angle out for good. Angle told him to choose or leave. He said he will stay because the fans want him to leave. Angle said that as much as he wants to fight him, he can't so he booked Ec3 in. Streetfight right now against Rhino.

* Streetfight. Rhino came out with two trash cans full of weapons. He suplexed EC3 on the ramp. He canes. Ex3 who came back and whipped him with a belt. EC3 scored the pin. Good brawl.

*They had a segment to announce the cover girl of the 2015 Knockouts calendar and brought out all the Knockouts. Angelina grabbed the mic from Borash and said it was her. Borash then announced it was Velvet Sky. Sky was all excited and hugged Love who wasn't thrilled. Out came Jessicka Havok Gail Kim attacked her on the ramp but was trashed. She then chokeslammed Britanny and walked out.

*James Storm and The Great Sanada defeated Tajiri and Austin Aries. Good match.

*Bram pinned Gunner. Samuel Shaw tried to help Gunner but only helped cause his loss. Gunner was pissed and walked out on him, leaving Shaw in the ring.

*We are told Gail Kim and Havok have gotten into a fight backstage. They brawl out and Havok destroys her and leaves her laying.

*Xplosion: Crazzy Steve pinned Rockstar Spud. All comedy and too long.

*Ladder Match: TNA Tag Team champions The Wolves defeated Team 3D and The Hardy Boys. Phenomenal stuff. Lots of really good, crazy spots. Bully Ray did the ladder airplane spin. Dean did the wazzup Headbutt off a ladder onto Davey Richards. They set up a teeter tootter and Bully power bombed Jeff onto it, snapping the other side into Mart and one of the Wolves. Bully hit an insane Superplex off the top of the ladder. Team 3D nailed the Doomsday Device on the Wolves but were caught and nailed with stereo Twist of Fates and top rope moves. The Hardys laid Davey out across a ladder hanging from the ropes at Matt held and Jeff splashed him off the ropes. 3D brought tables into the mix. Richards drilled them win chairs and held one over Devon's back to allow a double stomp by Edwards. Richards then nailed one off the top through Matt outside on a table. Jeff and Edwards battled atop the ladder and Hardy took a hellacious bump onto a ladder as it fell over. This ties it up in a three way, so there will be one final match in the series. They didn't announce the stip.

Impact September 25th opening: MVP cut a promo saying Lashley was going to destroy MVP tonight. He then called out Chris Melendez, who he said was making headlines lately. They tried to recruit Melendez to be their bag carrier. He turned them down and King ripped him calling him "peg leg" and said he was going to teach him some respect. They have a match. Melendez pinned him with a sunset flip but was laid out. King. King said he was the star here not Melendez. He said Melendez was laying there just like he laid there when he had his leg blown off in Iraq. He said he wasn't a hero but a cripple and tried to remove his prosthetic leg. Mr. Anderson hit the ring for the save.

*Knockouts Battle Royal. It came down to Sky and Havok. Havok wins.

*TNA champion Lashley vs. Bobby Roode. They billed his as the No Surrender main event so they will be branding that show over an Impact episode in September. MVP was tossed for interfering to a huge pop. They had a good match. Roode ducked a clothesline and applied the cross face. King interjected himself and was thrown out, Roode locked him in it again but Lashley powered out and used a Samoan Drop to slam Roode down. They crowd was super into this with dueling chants. Lashley speared him for a two count and he place erupted for the two count. Lots of great near falls. Roode nailed a Death Valley Driver out of the ring into Lashley sending him to the floor. Roode brought him back into the ring. Roode ascended to he top but was caught and slammed off into the ring. Lashley speared him but Roode leapfrogged him. He blew his knee out on the move and was unable to capitalize, leading to another spear and the pin.

*Abyss defeated Samuel Shaw with the Black Hole Slam.

*X-Division champ Samoa Joe defeated Homicide in a solid match. The Great Sanada and James Storm attacked Homicide after. A repackaged Manik with a new outfit and mask come out and helped them.

Xplosion: Magnus defeated The Freak.

*Austin Aries vs. MVP vs. Abyss vs. Tajiri vs. Mr. Anderson. Aries shocked MVP toget the pin.

*Low Ki pinned DJ Zema Ion.

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