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By Mike Johnson on 2014-08-07 10:00:57
They weren't too clear on RAW... how much is the WWE Network per month?

I'll get back to you as soon as I figure it out.

I was just wondering what major news item or wrestling event would you say has driven the most traffic to your website in it's history?

Sadly, it's the passing of Eddie Guerrero and the Benoit tragedy. Each of those brought huge surges to the site. Trust me when I say we'd rather see that traffic due to a Wrestlemania or a similar big event.

Is it true Madame Dixie carter was legitimately injured going thru the table ? Any updates on her condition ?

As we noted at the time, Carter broke two small bones in her back from the jarring nature of the bump. She went to the hospital but is OK and has been backstage at all the Impact tapings this week in NYC.

It was billed that after 10 years this would be the final Mid Atlantic Wrestling FanFest held ever. Is there a possibility, even a remote one, of Greg Price, producing another FanFest next year?

Greg Price continues to state that was the last one, which breaks my heart personally as it was my favorite weekend of the year. I am hoping we'll see him change his mind, but not, a lot of people owe him a debt of gratitude because I don't think we'll ever see anything at that level again.

Ted Turner in the WWE Hall of Fame? Apart from Vince, no one change the wrestling business like he did? Bischoff put things aside, do you ever thing Ted could?

I don't see WWE honoring Ted Turner myself, but if it could get them publicity, you never know.

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