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By Mike Johnson on 2014-08-05 10:14:29
Since it was taped out of sequence, I'm not 100% sure what will air on Impact Wrestling this week, but believe this to be the lineup:

*Hardcore War: Team 3D & Tommy Dreamer & mystery partner vs. EC3 & Snitsky & Rhino & The former Ezekiel Jackson.

*Sanada vs. Low Ki vs. Samoa Joe to crown the new X-Division champion.

*Samuel Shaw & Mr. Anderson & Gunner vs. Robbie E & Jessie Godderz & DJ Zema Ion.

*Abyss vs. Bram: Monster's Brawl

Here is the video for The Today Show's story on Chris Melendez, which we mentioned yesterday:

TNA will release an "Unfinished Business" PPV on Team 3D next month.

The next One Night Only PPV will be the 2014 World Cup PPV.

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