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By Dave Scherer on 2014-08-06 09:59:00

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Question about the site and the staff, guys. You guys are so busy, do you actually have time to do your own posting, and editing for content, grammar and spelling, or is there a behind-the-scenes admin/IT who assists you? The reason I ask is I’ve been there and it’s an under-appreciated field of endeavor, even if you’re paid well; unless they choose not to be recognized formally.

We do it all. We are our own IT department.

Jack Swagger? Hero or Zero. So, Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter are fan favorites in this run vs Lana and Rusev. Swagger has always struck me as a wrestler with tremendous ability, but no heart. He just doesnt have that never say die mentality. How do you see the Rusev-Swagger feud playing out? Coulter and Swagger are over. i think the fans want to believe in Swagger. We the People. Do you see Swagger coming out ahead? Or will his push die out with a clear cut loss to Rusev?

I don't know where you got he has no heart. I never saw that and don't think it's true. His feud with Rusev has really sparked his career and in a perfect world, he would win it. But since he has been booked so poorly over tha last few years, it could hurt Rusev to lose his undefeated status to Swagger. That is the problem WWE has when they don't protect talent. So I see Swagger fighting valiantly and losing close matches.

Been meaning to send this in after last week’s Raw in which the Miz and Dolph Ziggler had a match that had many in the internet wrestling community buzzing. What is the internet community’s obsession with Dolph Ziggler? To me, the guy is Billy Gunn 2.0. Similar build, similar ring attire, same weak offense and finisher. Don’t think he’s overly skilled on the mic. I’ve been a fan for 30 years and I just don’t get it. He is not a main eventer. What am I missing? Please enlighten me as to why many of the internet fan base thinks he should be pushed to the moon. Thanks!

He works hard and has good matches, plus he hasn't been given much of a chance. That is the perfect formula to get the smart fans behind a guy. And you may not like him but to say his offense is weak is just ridiculous to me. The guy has good matches whenever he is given the chance.

Seriously, I'm never gonna stop watching WWE, but for the love all that is holy! Whenever I see John Cena, I fast forward. Last night I forwarded till Paul Heyman came out. My question is what is the sign of the impending apocalypse that will make Vince grab a clue?

The only two things I can think of is if Cena suffers a serious injury or if there is a huge drop off in WWE Network subscriptions when the initial six month subscriber period starts later this month. If enough people drop the Network, that should force Vince to look for the reason why. And as I have said before, I have no problem with Cena. He has earned his spot and he works hard, is good for the company. But he never, ever shows vulnerability in the ring. Hulk Hogan used to get beaten down back in the day so when he came for revenge it mattered. Cena never even gets beaten down so there is nothing for him to settle. The main complaint I get from people is that Cena always wins, they know he is going to win, so there is no fun in watching for them. WWE needs to get back to "anything can happen" mode.

I thought the Brie, Stephanie segment was good. But at the end of the show? We have been conditioned for years that the Divas matches don't matter, and now the fans are supposed to believe that that segment was end of the show worthy. Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury got a bigger reaction from the fans. This a good example of the WWE lack of long term booking, and concentrating on today's Raw only coming back to bite them. Your thoughts?

You are correct in what you say, that they have not told us Divas are important enough to close out the show for years now. WWE would counter with Divas are one thing, the Stephanie character is quite another. But given the huge drop off last week, found out than many people feel as you do. It's a shame too because their program has been great so far.

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