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By Dave Scherer on 2014-08-05 09:59:00

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WWE creative would probably never take the time on an angle, but try this one on....Imagine the drama if June 2015 rolls around and Rollins still has a briefcase Ambrose hasn't let him cash in yet....

That would be really cool if done right. I like the idea of the time running out on the briefcase because it would freshen up the concept. It would also keep heat on that feud.

Firstly I'd like to say thank you for your quality posts and audio section, I'm glad to give you my money for your product, unlike the WWE Network. My question is this: Why doesn't WWE have any sort of continuity team? Or do they and they suck? One week Cesaro is a Heyman guy, next week he isn't, third week he comes out and shakes Paul Heyman's hand as he comes out (last night on Raw). It comes across as reactionary story telling, as if they're writing their product week by week instead of having a plan that spans a few months.

Basically, it comes down to Vince McMahon and his constant rewriting and changing the creative direction. They have people in place could easily keep continuity but they don't have the power to overrule the boss. Thanks for the kind words and support.

Now that we've seen the fallout of Daniel Bryan's rise (and possible fall), have your opinions changed on whether or not his booking was a slow burn. I feel there's too much evidence against the slow burn gimmick (Batista coming back, Daniel Bryan not being in the Rumble, Bryan joining the Wyatts to only turn a week or two later, Daniel Bryan not wanting a title match initially at WrestleMania, he wanted Triple H.....then it was later added that the winner would be in the title match) It seems like it was a reaction to the overwhelming love for Daniel Bryan and the negative responses to anything else WWE was doing.

I have been saying for six months now that if it weren't for the uprising of the fan support, which happened at The Royal Rumble, Bryan would have never gotten to the main event of Mania. The fans left WWE no choice, thank God. It was not the original plan. They thought Orton vs. Batista was going to be the main eventm until the fans told them otherwise.

Do you see WWE old syndicated shows like Superstars of wrestling, Wrestling challenge being added to the network?

They have them so I guess some day they could be brought onto the Network. I don't really see or not see them in the future.

As TNA is so successful away from the USA, is there anyway they could cut down on US TV shows and become more an international based company, working away from continental America more often in order to keep going.

Well, they are successful in the UK when they tour. And if they don't get a new TV deal, they may be forced to try and run more in the UK. But the company is based in the US and running consistently overseas is expensive and hard from a management standpoint.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.

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