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By Dave Scherer on 2014-08-03 09:59:00

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I saw Vince Russo wrote this on Twitter: "I've got to like long, drawn-out wrestling matches because YOU DO? WHY?" Do you think that explains everything that is wrong with Russo's vision of wrestling?

I get that some people like the sizzle aspect of the business as much as the steak. That makes sense. Before I commented, I checked his Twitter after you sent this and he was referring to Thursday's excellent TNA Impact show. So if he was referring to the great matches on that show in that manner, yes I think he is, well was since he just got fired, in the wrong business. At the end of the day, the ring is in the middle of the buildings for a reason. Wrestling is in the title for a reason. The storyline stuff he likes is fine, but it's supposed to be done to set up people going into the ring and having matches. The fact that he doesn't get that says it all.

So Spike waits until TNA starts getting good to cancel it. Why? Why not give them a fair shot? They've taken a lot from Spike and they've helped contribute largely to TNA's downfall by forcing those MMA guys. I don't remember WWE having to go through anything like that when they partnered with Spike around a decade ago. Your thoughts?

Well, sources from TNA and Spike both say that the sides are still negotiating so I won't say they are canceled until it's official. Negotiations like this are rarely pretty. With that said, WWE and TNA are completely different animals. For better or worse, WWE has its established product and a buyer knows what it is getting when they bid for it. TNA hasn't been anywhere near that consistent, with the product changing direction over and over. Yes, Spike has impacted TNA, pardon the pun, but at the end of the day they are the ones that have the network and the cash so they will have influence. USA has done similar things with WWE, such as adding a third hour to Raw.

With all the recent hubbub involving Vince Russo, including accusing someone on the website of tapping his phone, is there any grounds for a lawsuit to be filed on your end? Not really a wrestling related question, but I'm curious if this has come up with the site staff.

There is no point, it would be the ultimate nuisance lawsuit. Plus, giving his history of booking ridiculous and moronic storylines, he could just say he was writing in character.

I'm a little bit unclear on this recent announcement regarding how the WWE Network is coming to Canada. The deal with Rogers makes it sound like the Network will only be available up here via Rogers as a pay TV channel, and not via the Netflix-like available anywhere streaming platform that they've been using to great effect down south. Is this the case? If so, I don't think the Network is going to do quite as well north of the border as they're hoping. There are a lot of people up here who either don't like or don't have Rogers Cable.

Yes, it will be distributed through Rogers and available on TV. But I also expect it will be available on their app as well. According to the agreement, Rogers will also make the Network available to other providers as well. I am curious to see that if WWE is successful in the realm of airing it on cable if they try and do that in the US.

I have some questions regarding the quality of WWE's product. A lot of people are of the opinion that we won't see a consistently good product from WWE until Vince McMahon is either completely hands off or god forbid dead. How do you feel about this? Do you think when Vince McMahon is not longer in the picture and HHH & Stephanie or whoever are controlling the product it will be drastically different or better? Or do you think it will continue in Vince's vision. I'm asking for your gut feeling.

I think anyone who thinks WWE will turn into 1980s NWA with Triple H is charge is fooling themselves. They won't do that because the business and times have changed. What I think we would see with Triple H in charge is less of the over the top stop, less of them burning guys out or giving up on them too soon, and more realism in the product. Vince's way has worked for decades and everyone working for him has been influenced by that. So his stamp will probably always be on the product. I just think that when he isn't around, more time will be spent on long term planning and more time will be given to let characters and feuds develop.

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